Keep the Pressure Up to Keep the Pressure Off


To the shrewd mind, the onslaught of unending ad hominem attacks targeted towards President Trump are not by coincidence; instead, they are strategically and masterfully orchestrated. But why? What is it that motivates these unyielding attacks against the character, mental health, and political motive of President Donald J. Trump? Are his character flaws and legislative agenda so heinous that the urgency to crush his presidency outweighs the vote of the sovereign? Or is the consistent pressure campaign the Democrats embark on the only thing stopping the exposing light of honest inquiry from shining upon their corruption?

The Facts

There are many words that can be used to describe President Donald J. Trump; however, two words that certainly do not describe him are: infallible and criminal. Explaining why he is not infallible can be summed up with one simple and obvious conclusion: He is human. And I am willing to bet all that I’ve got (which isn’t much) that there has never been an infallible President, let alone an infallible human being. Explaining why he is not a criminal can be summed up in many other ways, but the most recent would be the 400-page Mueller Report that documented a $35 million dollar, taxpayer-funded, investigation into President Trump starting ‘officially’ in May 2017 and ending March 2019. During the investigation 2,800 subpoenas were issued, 500 search warrants were executed, and approximately 500 witnesses interviewed. Some would consider the investigation a thorough endeavor based on those numbers; all the while, the President remains untouched. As a matter of fact, something unprecedented occurred—The special counsel oddly determined that President Trump was not innocent, yet not guilty.

For two years the media obsessed over the prospect of President Trump colluding with the Russian government to meddle with the U.S. election. They willingly lied to their audience and constituents alike with nothing more than sensationalized and circumstantial evidence, uncorroborated media sources, and Democrat politician’s fear-mongering about all the damning, hard evidence they had on the President that would surely have him impeached and consequently indicted.

But why?

We know that politics has always been a nasty game. Mudslinging, character assassination, secret recordings, and sex scandals are only the beginning; however, the extent to which the president’s opposition has gone is objectively alarming. With revelations of once trusted, apolitical government institutions, like the FBI, covertly, unethically, and in some cases, criminally eating the forbidden fruit of partisan politics, the public is more justified in their concern and distrust in government agencies and agents of government. In just one election cycle, once considered conspiracy theorists have been vindicated and independent media journalists have become the arbiters of transparency and truth-seeking.

The Strategy Explained

Deflection is an art-form. In combat the ability for one to deflect a would-be fatal strike is the difference between life and death. In the realm of mental health, the ability for someone who suffers from PTSD to use mental deflection could be the difference between a mental break down and getting through the day. In the game of chess, deflection is used to open an enemy’s defenses and, in other instances, to ensure the king remains protected. Similarly, in politics, deflection is essential. A two-year investigation into the Trump Administration was all the Democrats needed in order to occupy the public’s mind—blocking them from the truth of their own corruption, ineptitude, lack of a substantial platform, and devotion to the destruction of American culture for a globalist, socialist agenda.

The Fourth Estate has Fallen

When the pressure campaign is working in full force against the Trump Administration, despite lack of corroboration and unverified allegations, the media conveniently has no time to explore the basis of the Russia investigation and the blatant partisan nature of its origin. They have no time to discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign finance violations or Ilhan Omar’s overt, bold, and unapologetic anti-Semitism. They have no time to investigate how Bill DeBlasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, cannot account for over $900 million dollars of tax-payer money she was granted for ThriveNYC—a program allegedly designed to provide aid to the mental illness epidemic in New York City. They have no time to seek answers about how the Uranium One scandal enriched the Clintons via their non-profit organization which involved giving Russia access to copious amounts of uranium. There was no interest in exploring how the Clinton’s profited from natural disaster in Haiti as they acted under the guise of a financial support and advocate. They have no desire to look into Joe Biden’s (Quid Pro Joe) public admission into withholding over a billion dollars of loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government, or if they perverted the judicial system by firing a prosecutor looking into a company his son was lucratively affiliated with. Believe it or not, the noted scandals are not even a fraction of what information is accessible to the public.

Upon researching the fact patterns, it isn’t hard to see that the Democrats obsession with destroying the president is based solely on a desire to survive. There is no constitutional or moral crisis they are concerned with regarding the president although they scream foul atop their high horse of misplaced righteousness. The fact remains that if they don’t keep the pressure up, they will not have any means of keeping the pressure off. Time and time again the President transcend the attacks. His refusal to utilize deflection as a tool has gained him the trust of millions of Americans who are tired of political misdirection and empty promises. How frustrated his enemies must be that transparency is his weapon of choice—an uncanny preference for anyone who treads the path of a politician. The energy the Democrats and their media activists are using to cover their tracks and ensure the public is not privy to their schemes will soon run out. When this happens, may God protect the President, his family, and the American people.