Kanye West Praises Candace Owens? So What?

Kanye West's praise of Candace Owens causes a left-wing short-circuit.

“Black people are not a monolith.”

The utterance of these stirring words was prompted when Candace Owens was being lectured by a perplexed, liberal woman on why she did not, as a black woman, subscribe to left-wing ideology.

“How do you think your sisters feel about this?” the woman shrieked as she unsuccessfully attempted to guilt Candace back onto the leftist plantation.

“We [black people] are not ideological slaves.” Candace responded with confidence and conviction.

This is the reality that minority conservatives face daily. They are exiled from inner circles and called sell-outs, Uncle Toms, and coons. The crime? Thinking independently and refusing to subscribe to revisionist history. The reaction to independent, minority thinkers abstractly shows the proponents of thought oppression and, in opposition, the proponents of free thought.

Recently Kanye West posted a tweet praising Candace Owens, stating that he “loves the way” she thinks.​

​I would be understating Hollywood and the media’s response if I said it was merely hysterical. How could a black, mainstream, rap artist that has achieved superstardom have the audacity to give credence to someone who promulgates conservative ideals?

The nerve…

The left-wing response to Kanye West’s praise to Owens reveals the utter insecurity, weakness, and ideological manacles the left-wing continues to establish on people of color. There is a legitimate fear in the leftist realm of existence when a prominent black figure steps a little too far off the blue road-- and in turn, a welcoming embrace for those who follow the rules. This is further seen in the positive media coverage Jay-Z received when he campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Not to mention the time he virtue signalled on CNN’s Van Jones’ show to somehow prove moral superiority over the President and his constituents. Yes, this is the same Jay-Z that rapped about violence towards fellow black men and explicit disrespect towards women. Jay-Z and Kanye have done music projects in the past and some would say they were on the same artistic trajectory of success; however, the arc was disrupted and Kanye was immediately black-balled by the ‘Thought Police’ when he decided to think outside of the little blue box.

Despite what you may think, I do not bring light to this topic to exalt Kanye. Matter of fact, if the truth be told, I am not a fan of Kanye or his music—I believe he promotes degenerative culture and material harmful to young, developing minds. For this reason, I caution my conservative brothers and sisters in fawning over his recent tweet.

I understand that it is refreshing whenever conservatives, or conservative ideals, get positive, mainstream representation. It is increasingly a rarity in this hyper-political time we live in; however, we devalue our standards when we feel they need to be validated by any one person—that includes the President. The power of the conservative ideology is not in one person, it is in the principles we champion; therefore, our response to West’s praise to Owens should merely be:

“So what?”

Identity politics is anathema to conservatism. Conservatives have promoted free speech and free thought even before Kanye West was famous—and we should take pride in that. These two principles will continue to shake the foundation of the left-wing establishment until their platform consists of substance, rather than the subjugation of thought.

Owens’ rejection of the idea that black folk are intellectually homogeneous not only shows what confidence, strength, freedom and conviction look like, but it also portrays the ugly face of identity politics and the left-wing’s fight for ideological enslavement.

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NEWS FLASH: Kanye Goes Guano! Calls 400 years of slavery a choice. Probably thinks he's a better rapper than Jay-Z. Wrong on both counts. Also, opinions on politics still not important, but pretty g*d damn entertaining, in that Charlie Sheen/ Mel Gibson kinda way. South Park episode to follow. Further bulletins as events warrant.


Why does anyone care what Kanye (or any other celebrity) has to say about politics? There's nothing wrong with his tweet. I agree with most of it, and I even agree with some of the stuff Trump does but what I don't get is why anyone would pay anymore attention to what Kanye says about politics than to what I say about politics. Obviously I'm not famous or a millionaire, which gives Kanye a certain cachet and exposure, but getting all riled up about what he has (or what I have to say for that matter) to say about Trump is just absurd. Taken by itself "You don't have to agree with trump but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought" wouldn't rate a mention if it was from Matthew McConaughey or Charlie Sheen said it. It's too bad (IMHO) that he loves Trump but really, who the hell cares?


Many artists, mostly liberals, are now unfollowing him on twitter one by one. So much for the tolerant left

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Hahahaha reading this sudden twist looks gimmicky enough to me to pay so much attention to. They're artists anyhow and Kanye's a genius marketer.



Thanks, Jon. You are absolutely right. I think the only cure is the promotion of independent thought as opposed to group think!