Jordan Peterson wasn't prepared for Michael Eryc Dyson pettiness. Stephen Fry was genius. Michelle Goldberg was a college freshman.

Michael Eryc Dyson is the Cenk Uygur of academia.

Michael Eryc Dyson said that Peterson should go to a First Nations group or a Black Baptist Church. Peterson is an honorary member of a First Nations Group. He assumed Peterson's lack of "empathy" for people of color based Peterson's lack of color.

Michael Eryc Dyson is right about white people (as a collective) suppressed people of color from the arena of ideas. Dyson is remedy is wrong because the mainstream progressive movement (Academia) is to tear down the entire arena.

America was found in part on racism... it's akin to enlightened thinker Thomas Jefferson owning slaves. But what makes America great is that in our Constitution built in a NEO FROM THE MATRIX. It was a self-correcting mechanism. Look at Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech. He used the founding document (written by many slave holders) as a mean to emancipate, for a second time, people of color. King recognized this NEO IN THE MATRIX and used it to tell America ... YOU AREN'T BEING AMERICAN ENOUGH.

A large part of Dyson's group wants to tear the arena down along with the foundation of this nation.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

What a super fun debate this has been! Saving for later.