It's Put Up Or Shut Up Time For The Mueller Investigation: Here's Why

Jon Saltzman

“Watergate” is brought up with every imagined scandal - Now This:

We’ve just learned that the Department of Justice under President Obama placed an informant within the Trump campaign. That information is beyond doubt; the only question is why. What was the evidence that was so heinous that it would justify a potential Constitutional Crisis?

What if the excuse used for an essentially counter-espionage operation was actually a now discredited dossier compiled by a former British Spy, Christopher Steele and funded by the Clinton Campaign? If the Russian Collusion “delusion” turns out to be wholly political, and just partisan mudslinging and THAT caused the FBI to act as a Democratpartisan, or God forbid, President Obama condoned it; this will become the “Mother” of all scandals.”

It’s starting to quack like a duck.

Does all of this make you a little queasy? Or, do you think the ends justify the means in taking down Donald Trump? Here are some observations:

The Obligatory Comparison To Watergate

Okay, everything that a President or his administration has done since Watergate (circa 1972) is now “something-gate.” And both Republicans and Democrats are at fault for this because they jump on the something-gate bandwagon every chance they get.

Here’s why? If you didn’t live through Watergate, here’s a short summary. In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a Defense Department employee who had worked on a secret document called Report of the Office of the Secretary of Defense Vietnam Task Force, leaked it to theNew York Times. It was a report about the history of the Vietnam War from its earliest days through the then current U.S. involvement in the war. It reported a bunch of things that the U.S. Government didn’t want known, like that they had expanded the war to Laos and Cambodia and other secret embarrassing stuff.

Well, the shirt hit the fan. In the summer of 1971, there was an attempt by the Nixon Administration, though maybe without Nixon’s knowledge to discredit Ellsberg and there was a failed break-in of Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office at the Watergate Complex near D.C.

This shadowed Nixon into the 1972 elections. There were rumors and innuendos floating about until after the election. Then the whole sordid cover-up by the Committee to Re-Elect The President and later the Whitehouse was uncovered.

Trust me, it was like watching a slow-motion train wreck.

This began a heroic era of journalism led by Woodward and Bernstein of legendary fame. They and many others in the press worked tirelessly to find out all the details.

This led to a Congressional investigation and Special Prosecutors, appointing and firing etc. (sound familiar)? This ultimately resulted in Nixon’s resignation.

The ironic thing is that Nixon probably didn’t know about the dirty deed, but he later participated in the “cover-up.” If he had simply told the truth when he knew about the break-in, he probably would have survived the whole ordeal.

How is this different from Watergate?

Does the current situation rise to the Watergate level? Not yet, but it surely could if anyone would drop their Trump Derangement and look at the issues of the 2016 campaign honestly. In 1972-74, the forbearers of today’s Mainstream Media - there was no other- tirelessly sought the truth. Not so today. From the Mainstream Media today, all one hears is silence.

Back in the day during the Watergate era, when all the dirt of the cover-up was oozing out, some courageous Republican leaders spoke out against Nixon’s corruption. They did so at some considerable political cost to their party during the Watergate hearings.

In the ‘72 election Richard Nixon had won in a landslide carrying 49 states over George McGovern. By 1974, he was advised by a cadre of Republican Senators that they could no longer hold off his impeachment and Nixon resigned. Republicans were swept out of Congress that year.

Thank God they chose country over party. Do the Democrats have the courage to do the same thing to keep our fragile republic alive now? Why are they afraid to look at the actions of the Obama DOJ?

It seems that the Democrats so far are choosing party over country.

Here’s what’s different today. Back then in Watergate, there was no question as to who were the alleged bad actors; it was the Nixon Campaign and the Nixon Administration if it could be proved.

Today, we face a conundrum: Do President Trump and his campaign play the tragic Nixon role or is it President Obama and his Department of Justice?

Since you’re reading this on Political Storm, be honest, you don’t know for sureand neither do I.Yes I have my opinion and my suspicionsjust like you. But they aren’t truly fact-based and they’re both partisan (come on - be honest).

Put the shoe on the other foot Democrats

But I have a more important question: What would the response be from Democrats and their toadies in the Mainstream Media if this had been George Bush’s FBI allegedly doing this kind of thing to Barrack Obama?

Can you imagine the outrage? I can just hear the sputtering from CNN or MSNBC and the hyperbole-filled editorials in The New York Times and The Washington Post.

But if it was done to a Republican candidate for President in an act worthy of a banana republic, isn’t the Mainstream Media or Democrats in Congress at least a little curious as to what the truth is?

House Intelligence Committee Chair, Devin Nunes (R. CA) has requested documents from the DOJ over the past year and they have come to him in a mere trickle. They have truly dragged their feet and their attitude is: “How dare you question our integrity?” What does the DOJ have to hide? Where’s the Democrat support to help find the truth?

His opponents have placed the President in a legal straightjacket since his first days in office, first with a still unproven collusion charge and the whispering campaign about the Steele Dossier that was the worst kept secret in The Swamp and then later, with the Mueller special counsel investigation into “Russian Collusion.”

If we find out that the cause of all of this is a discredited piece of campaign garbage that was used to justify spying on a major party candidate by the opposition party President,we are in for a “yuge” Constitutional Crisis. It will rise to the level of The Watergate Scandal and maybe beyond.

So it could be starting to quack like a duck… from a certain perspective

But we truly don’t know yet. Isn’t it time for the Mainstream Media to put aside its partisanship. How about a little journalistic curiosity? Unlike the media during Watergate, our Mainstream Media today is helping with the DOJ cover-up and the Russian Collusion Delusion and that’s a shame.

Why can’t the Democrats join in with Nunes in pursuit of the truth? Here’s the essential question that should be asked by the House Intelligence Committee by all members: What was the evidence that suggested to the DOJ to use an informant or deploy an operative into an opposition candidate’s campaign?

Congress must act to make the DOJ lay down their cards. Then and only then will we know the truth. And for the sake of our national sanity, we need the truth so we can either move on or shut down the Mueller Investigation. Now.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm


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I just don't understand how this is NOT being reported by every perfectly groomed and plastic-surgery-generated news anchor on the 24/7 cycle!



Very well put, Jon. I have been reading these recent headlines in awe. And by the time all of it is done, I don't even think I will have the WILL to tell my Democrat friends, 'Told you so.' This whole investigation makes me extremely quesy... and I pray that the arbiters of truth and justice, that still exist in the midst of political corruption, stand up and prove to the American people and the WORLD that NOBODY is above the LAW. No group. No political party. No law enforcer. No President. I feel we are on the verge of a breakthrough. We need to get to that place where WRONG IS WRONG.. no matter what side of the aisle you stand on.


There are so many angles to this case but Mueller looks like he is building a case from bottom to top so Trump hasn't been directly linked yet due to this. Probably by September as rumors abound it should end then to avoid any untoward influence to the midterms.