Is This A Leftist Coup?

Are we witnessing an attempted coup by the Left in America?

It’s hard to believe that this is a legitimate question. America appears to be on the precipice of disaster as the Democrats and the Left unashamedly use tactics and language to delegitimize the legally-elected President Trump.

How else do you explain violent demonstrations like the UC Berkeley riot, the outrageous Women’s March, filled with drawings of female genitalia and the donning of “p***y hats,” and the blockage of airports inconveniencing many thousands in response to a presidential Executive Order that literally affected a couple of thousand people? How about the talk of “resistance?

The hysteria and frenzy being whipped up by the Left will destroy the country.

I found this headline today: “Leftist Fight Club” trains UCF students to fight Republicans. Who knows if this is even “real” news? What’s it doing out there, complete with some kind of implication that somehow it’s down to the Marxists vs. the Nazis.

It’s time to take it down a notch on the Left. Do you honestly want to turn America into a third world battleground?

In America, we have a social contract with one another; we support our Constitution, which dictates the rules for elections. The Electoral College chooses our president, not the popular vote. The Falcons were the most popular team, but they lost the game, get it?

Will it always be that way? Who knows? We have the right to petition for state conventions to push for constitutional amendments. Our duly elected representatives in Congress can also initiate the process.

To those who keep whining (yes, whining) about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and “resisting,” because the so-called “majority” didn’t vote for Donald J. Trump, get over it.

I already mentioned the legitimacy of the Electoral College, but if you want to talk about majorities, get this: the voter eligible population of America is 231 Million people, of those, only 60% bothered to cast ballots (almost 139 Million). Which means that 90 million Americans didn’t vote at all.

Guess what, Hillary supporters and Trumpians. Neither of your candidates won a majority of American’s votes. And if Democrats keep going on about her 3 million-vote margin over Trump, remove California’s overwhelming 4.5 million – vote margin for Clinton, and it’s a different election completely.

You tell me why you’d like just one big state to decide the election because of its enormous population. One of the arguments for the Electoral College in the first place was to neutralize the influence of the very populous and influential colonies of Virginia and New York.

But, as I said, if you disagree, you’re free to change it without violence and “resistance.” If you can find the votes…

Perhaps the Democrat Party ought to stop their petulant resistance and their tacit approval of street violence through their silence and repair the damage done to their party’s popularity and influence at the state and local level. They have been reduced to virtually a federal party only with no base of support in state capitals. In fact, at the state level, Democrats have their least representation since the Civil War.

So, you have plenty to do over the next two years and, at this rate, the impression you’re giving the rest of America is hysteria. Don’t just take my word for it. Democrat Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and ex-right hand man to President Obama, just warned that the hysterical reaction to Trump’s election might extend your return to power horizon beyond a mere two years. He said: “take a chill pill.”

I’m asking you straight out, Democrats, Liberals, and media types: are you trying to incite a Leftist coup of the American government? Because in the last two weeks, the rest of America has seen violence during the inauguration weekend in Washington, the Women’s March that showed far more crudeness than the president ever has, rioted to stop free speech at U.C. Berkeley, and blocked airports.

It’s just two weeks into a legitimately-elected president’s term. At least, pace yourselves, for goodness’ sake.

One more thing, Democrats, recognize that 60 million people voted for Donald Trump and his policies. Voters gave Republicans their biggest representation in the country, outside of Washington, D.C., since the 1860s. You have work to do to convince the American people that you are a legitimate alternative.

Violence and craziness won’t accomplish that. Don’t let your anger destroy America.

Jon Saltzman is the Senior Editor and Publisher of Political Storm.