Is Repealing the Hyde Amendment a Democrat Candidacy Prerequisite? [S2 Ep18]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez states that Democrat candidates for the Presidency NEED to be FOR the repeal of the Hyde Amndt.

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to tune in to the 18th Episode of the Let's Talk Headlines series! Today we touch on the very sensitive issue of 'Abortion' as it relates to the Hyde Amendment. We dig into what the Hyde Amendment is, who it protects, and who it affects...

A lot of great discussion points in this episode.

In the second segment, I touch on POTUS' threat to impose tariffs on Mexican goods if they do not start pulling their weight. Was it the right move? Did it work? Please share your thoughts below!

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Democrats should focus instead on making sure their policies give middle, working class an edge

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Let it stay. That provision makes so much sense.