Inconvenient Facts

Do you ever get tired of the templates the media creates for the presidential candidates?

You know, the tried and true narratives they’ve built about each contender? We have to seriously consider that through the narrative building process, and through the hawking of their narrow picture of candidates, they have boxed us into the corner we find ourselves in today.
On the Republican side, only a minority of voters are happy with their choice of candidate. On the Democrat side, there is a choice between a Socialist and a terribly flawed candidate, who for all we know is facing imminent indictment for her inappropriate actions as Secretary of State.

Many I’ve spoken with are struggling to feel good about voting for anyone. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but the media must take responsibility for their narratives and how they helped knock out potential Republicans and led us to the motley crew that remain. Anyone feel good about President Trump, President Cruz or President Kasich? Really? On the other side, Clinton was the presumptive favorite on the way to a coronation. It was her turn. Don’t kid yourself; if Democrats felt good about the new President Clinton, Uncle Bernie wouldn’t be nipping at her heels. President Sanders? Come on.

The most egregious example of this is the template for Donald Trump. The media created him. It’s almost like he’s some science fiction character in a B-movie whose power grows stronger through media coverage. Each day I comb through articles to post from both the left and right publications, the opinions and stories are wall-to-wall Trump. Yes, he’s a candidate supported by a large minority of people including a significant number of Democrats who have crossed over. However, I submit that all of the media coverage, most of it negative, forced all the oxygen out of the room and left none for other Republican candidates to get any traction. And Trump’s actually the odds on favorite to be the nominee as we speak.

The other candidates were gleefully referred to by Democrats and joyfully reported by the media (with few exceptions by the way) as the “Republican Clown Car.” But ask yourself, was that true? In the car were six very successful governors: Jindal, Perry, Christie, Bush, Walker and Kasich, who is barely hanging in. Despite the fact that former governors have a better track record as chief executives, they were never taken seriously.

Furthermore, despite the narrative that Republicans are supposed to be a party of rich white racists, the so called “clown car” contained two Latino sons of immigrants, a son of Indian immigrants, a woman who broke the corporate glass ceiling, and an African-American surgeon, who may have been the finest human being ever to run for President.

Turning to the other side, the template for Hilary Clinton is that she is the most experienced of all of the candidates and it is her turn. And we have to hear that it’s time for the “First Woman President.” It’s presumed she’s qualified, but is she? She has been a U.S. Senator and the Secretary of State under President Obama. So how did she do? She helped formulate the policies which led to the premature withdrawal from Iraq which created a vacuum in which ISIS grew, the troop draw down from Afghanistan that has led to the re-emergence of the Taliban, the take out of Kaddafi in Libya, and the “lead from behind” world view that has left the Middle East in chaos.

We also know she carried out the lie about what caused the Benghazi siege of the U.S. embassy and several deaths of American soldiers and the ambassador there.

She actually repeated the lie to the families of the dead servicemen when their bodies came home to Dover AFB even though she told her daughter by email several days before that the anti-Muslim film had nothing to do with the attack. So you could argue that she probably isn’t a good choice to be Commander and Chief even though it’s her turn. Notice we haven’t discussed her reckless handling of secret documents while on the job.

The media’s cuddly and wise old uncle is Bernie Sanders. Millennials love him and why not? He’s proposing free college tuition, health care and soaking the rich. He’s had a long career in politics as a mayor of a small city and as a U.S. Senator. He marched in all the right places with the right people in the 60’s and 70’s. Cool, but what’s the real story?

First, his promises would lead to adding trillions of dollars to the already trillions of dollars in debt. There just aren’t enough rich people that can be shaken down to pay for it. And the young crowd who love him probably embrace his brand of Socialism because under the Obama Administration, the net worth of their parents is down and the recovery from 2007-8 is the slowest following any recession in the U.S., ever.

These are all inconvenient facts, so the media narrative doesn’t talk about them. It would get in the way of the templates they’ve created.

These nagging inconvenient facts are the casualty of The Narrative. It’s imperative we look at these issues from both sides even when it makes us uncomfortable, and it really can. That’s why we created Political Storm. We have to get out of the echo chambers of our personal political views and think about America first. The other side might be right sometimes. If we don’t get out of our comfort zones and look past The Narrative we deserve what we get, don’t we? What have I missed? Please chime in with your thoughts


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