Hypocrats vs. The Stupid Party

One of the best things about growing older is that at least your long term memory gets stronger

Even if you can’t remember where you last saw the damn remote.

In other words, you know where the bodies are buried.

I was reminded of this when I decided to sit down and watch the first day of the Senate hearing on the Trump Campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia (and Putin!) and the confirmation hearing of the president’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

Both hearings gave me an opportunity to witness hypocrisy by the opposition Democrats, which was breathtaking in its scope. It was hard to understand how the distinguished women and men on both sides were able to maintain their serious composure. I expected laughter to break out at any minute.

Almost as funny was the stern demeanor of the cable news commentators who hung on every word breathlessly, as if they couldn’t see through the whole Democrat dance and Republican counter-dance.

First, let’s look at the Russian connection hearing. Here’s what we now know: FBI Director James Comey and others deny that the Trump Campaign headquarters at Trump Tower was wire tapped by orders put out by the Obama Administration. We also know that the FBI is investigating whether or not the Trump Campaign actually colluded with the Russians to take the election from Hillary Clinton.

Okay, so we aren’t sure if Donald Trump was firing off tweets in anger or if he knew something. However, we do know that under the Obama administration, the IRS actually held up non-profit applications by conservative political groups. We also know that certain people in these groups were selected for audit. The Obama Justice Department knew about this and did nothing for two years!

Additionally, Trump’s first National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, was fired over allegations of conflict of interest because of phone calls (that were tapped between him and the Russians) and lying to V.P. Pence about the calls.

There’s also a lot of leaking going on of Trump’s phone conversations with foreign officials. Someone’s violating the law and, in these instances, it’s not Trump.

You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.

So why is it hypocritical to hold these hearings? It’s not, on the face of it. We’re talking about serious charges, if true; however, Comey was clear that there is no proof at this point. So we’ll see.

No, the hypocrisy was that these same stern Democrat senators, who spoke of things like “non-partisanship” and “patriotic duty,” were the same folks who gave their fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton a complete pass on an equally-dangerous situation where the facts are known: the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from a wealthy Canadian who also needed approval to sell his uranium mine in Russia to the Russians.

The Obama State Department under Hillary Clinton approved the transaction. This was reported in much detail in the New York Times. I’ll leave you to read all the gory details.

I don’t know about you, but I think that the Russians backing the Iranians, while providing them with uranium and nuclear technology, is a pretty serious problem, especially when you compare that to alleged collusion to defeat a candidate (Clinton) who couldn’t be bothered to follow State Department rules about the security of her communication devices and emails.

I grew weary of the “Russian Hearing” and next tuned into the Gorsuch nomination. The first day, of course, has nothing to do with an actual hearing. It is a wasted day where Republicans and Democrats bloviate about great ideals. Finally, the nominee gets to speak for 15 minutes. Justice Gorsuch handled himself well and gave a self-deprecating, humble talk about his family and his view of the law. He was likeable and reasonable, regardless of your side in the upcoming fight.

But this article is about the Democrat’s version of hypocrisy so let’s return to that.

The Democrat senators chose to whine about how unfair it is that President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland wasn’t even given a hearing by those nasty Republicans and as a result, they were really going to put the screws to Gorsuch (I paraphrase here).

Well, President Obama was in the last year of his presidency and the presidential primaries were underway, in full force, when Justice Scalia died suddenly on February 13, 2016. Furthermore, his death created an ideological deadlock on the Supreme Court.

And the Republicans controlled the Senate.

Does anyone, even devout Democrats, think for one minute that if the Senate was in Democrat control with a nominee by a Republican president in his last year that they wouldn’t also run out the clock with the ideological balance of the Supreme Court at stake?

Well, of course not; hence, the hypocrisy.

These two hearings not only show the hypocrisy of our leaders in Washington, but the reason nothing gets done there. It also is indicative of just how far the Democrats will go to delegitimize President Trump to stop his agenda.

The Democrats have no choice, really, because their ranks are decimated throughout the country, as I’ve discussed before. They literally need to build from the ground up.

So Democrats have become “Hypocrats.” But what’s the Republican’s excuse for allowing the fiasco we are witnessing, as they help Democrats block the president’s agenda? There’s much to be done, like the tax overhaul and healthcare reform and infrastructure. But the Stupid Party is as the Stupid Partydoes.

P.S. Republicans, the stock market dropped almost 250 points on Tuesday…

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm.


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