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When #RodRosenstein appointed #RobertMueller after #PresidentTrump fired #JamesComey he gave 2 simple directives. But after realizing that Trump was innocent he secretly changed the direction scope and focus of the investigation. Here is that story. #MuellerReport #PaulManafort #MichaelCohen #CarterPage #GeorgePapadopoulos #AndrewWeissman #RussiaInvestigation #Peterstrzok #RogerStone #JeromeCorsi #JoshBernsteinShow #DeepState

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Tomorrow's show SUN at 11:15AM EST will be a NON POLITICAL SHOW but please tune in because I am confident it will be one of the coolest things you have seen. Also it is a one time thing unless you all really love it.

CORRECTION: Because I back up what I say and integrity means EVERYTHING to me. I stand corrected. The DOJ has blocked Paul Manafort from going to Riker's Island. Also more good news 2 days ago Manafort pleaded not guilty to the NY Charges against him which now if they are dropped or if he is found not guilty or the victim of prosecutorial abuse my Mueller President Trump can pardon him on the Federal charges. That would really piss off the left!!! Hope it plays out like that. How many people do you know will have the guts and moral integrity to admit they got something wrong rather than just ignoring it and moving on to the next video? That is not me. Thank you all for being so intelligent and up to date on things and pointing out that I was wrong.

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