Laura Dion-Jones

Am I the only one who noticed Hillary’s “dog whistle” in her recent speech when asked if she’ll run for President again in 2020?

When Hillary hesitated to answer that question, the interviewer (Kara Swisher of the technology website Recode (Ms. Swisher is also a contributor to The Times’s Opinion section), jumped right on Hillary’s split-second, sociopathic hesitation asking again if she’d run and Hillary replied very arrogantly, “Well, I’d like to be President!” 

Everyone laughed, but the look in Hill’s eyes told me she was thinking, “I’d LOVE to be President. Are you kidding! I WILL be the next President, as soon as the demo-socialists take over and the Deep State installs me in my rightful position as the first woman President of the United States!”

Dog Whistle, baby. Beware. Stand with President Trump and #VoteRed to save America from a Deep State, demo-socialist, Venezuelan-like takeover. 

YOUR future freedoms are at stake. Trust me . . . 


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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

They need better candidates. So much baggage from Hillary

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Good point Laura! Thanks for contributing.