Here's the REAL REASON DEMOCRATS DO NOT want Citizenship Question on the 2020

Professional Speaker Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today.

The #2020Census is getting ready to be printed and it must contain the #CitizenshipQuestion It is NOT un-constitutional to ask if someone is a legal citizen. #SCOTUS is wrong in this decision. #PresidentTrump must use an executive order and force the question onto the Census otherwise the Democrats will eliminate Republican representation in most of Congress. It is that serious. #EdHenry #WilburRoss #JohnRoberts #FISA #GerryMandering #ExecutiveOrder #AGBarr #JesseFurman #SDNY #JoshBernsteinShow

Some of you have been asking to see the Ed Henry interview so here it is: Also don't forget this Friday at 10pm est A Live Celebration show right here. Hopefully Youtube doesn't censor it. remember also and Jacob Aiden Drummer on Youtube. I appreciate all your support!!!!

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It proves nothing, it just showed that an absolute statement can be false, as it's the case here. Doesn't mean every single absolute statement is false