Here's the REAL REASON DEMOCRATS DO NOT want Citizenship Question on the 2020

Josh Bernstein

The #2020Census is getting ready to be printed and it must contain the #CitizenshipQuestion It is NOT un-constitutional to ask if someone is a legal citizen. #SCOTUS is wrong in this decision. #PresidentTrump must use an executive order and force the question onto the Census otherwise the Democrats will eliminate Republican representation in most of Congress. It is that serious. #EdHenry #WilburRoss #JohnRoberts #FISA #GerryMandering #ExecutiveOrder #AGBarr #JesseFurman #SDNY #JoshBernsteinShow

Some of you have been asking to see the Ed Henry interview so here it is: Also don't forget this Friday at 10pm est A Live Celebration show right here. Hopefully Youtube doesn't censor it. remember also and Jacob Aiden Drummer on Youtube. I appreciate all your support!!!!

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It proves nothing, it just showed that an absolute statement can be false, as it's the case here. Doesn't mean every single absolute statement is false