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Some takeaway quotes from the article:
"Either 18-year-olds are adults or they aren’t. If an 18-year-old is not responsible enough to purchase a rifle or shotgun, then he or she isn’t responsible enough to vote, join the military, drive a car, or be treated as an adult in crimes."
"Our Constitution does not give us any rights. Rather, it affirms rights that we already have in order to safeguard them."
"Gun-free zones are a magnet for mass shooters — almost every mass shooting we have experienced has occurred in a gun-free zone."
"It is baffling how many of the people who vilify law enforcement are also the same ones insisting that only law enforcement should have guns."

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Everything makes sense. Nice article. I guess those in favor of banning guns don't read much from factual perspectives of the other side. That's why their view is so limited