Four Reasons Why The Democrats Are Headed For A Train Wreck In November

As a service to Democrats everywhere, I’m going to let you in on the secret.

"I'm not a member of any organized political party.... I'm a Democrat."

-Will Rogers, comedian, political humorist

The Demcocrats are facing a train wreck in November and they have been heading that way ever since their buddies in the media declared a “Blue Wave” would swamp the Republicans in the 2018 Midterms. In fact, their friends in the Leftist media who dominate almost all broadcasting and print media have been cheerleading to such an extent that the Democrats have no understanding of why they are in such bad shape! So as a service to Democrats everywhere, I’m going to let you in on the secret. There are four reasons you’re going to lose in the fall and they follow below:

1. The majority of Americans don’t want your “open” borders and sanctuary cities.

Democrats have now clearly established that they are for open borders with their latest demands about getting rid of ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE.). Now I know that you’re saying that it’s not about “open borders,” because the U.S. Border Patrol would still do that. But honestly, do you really think eliminating the agency that actually is enforcing our immigration laws is a good plan?

Let’s extrapolate from there. We start from the premise that anyone who eludes the Border Patrol (as many many have!) are allowed to stay in the U.S. So what would that look like? Think… okay so that’s not going to go well is it? And the majority of Americans know it and will vote that way too.

2. You and your leaders are acting crazy

And nowhere has the craziness shown itself than on events surrounding illegal immigration. Especially following the Trump Administration’s ham handed approach to separating adults and children from those who chose to randomly cross the border rather than go to areas set aside for asylum seekers. It didn’t matter that this practice started under Obama and was created by a court case that requires the separation of children from parents who commit crimes.

Look, the nostalgia for the Sixties kind of protests and violence by Democrats puts off most adults who vote. Maxine Waters, calling for anti- Trump folks to abandon all polite public behavior and harass Trump Admin officials and supporters is just one example. You’re bordering on support for violence. Historical reminder: Guess what elected Nixon in 1968? That’s right, the silent majority who supported his platform of Law and Order and watched with horror as the Left tore the country apart. And then they went out and cast their votes for sanity.

The SCOTUS pick protests and threats and hysteria are starting… stay tuned.

Speaking of Crazy, can we agree to stop comparing anyone you disagree with to Hitler or Nazi’s? Do you actually know anything about World War II? If you did you’d know that the number one enemy of fascists were communists (great company you keep)? And you’d also know that the atrocities committed by the Nazis are so horrific that it makes your comparison to President Trump and his supporters make you look dumb. Am I wrong? Watch films like Night and Fog and then apologize to the rest of the country for your dumb behavior.

I’m an American, so I get it that you have a right to speak up if you disagree about something. You don’t have to agree with Trump or his supporters, but could you please stick to reality? Instead of violent emotion, maybe Democrats could put forward a policy plan that competes with the Republicans?

3.You have no plan

You have to have something other than “we hate Trump” and “Abolish ICE” in your quiver. In other words, what do you stand FOR? Because I used to be a Democrat and I really do think our politics should be a battle of competing ideas, I’m going to give my Democrat Party Friends some advice. Get a plan.

One of our Contributors, Egberto Willies, wrote a piece about this in early May about his plan- and it resonated with a lot of folks on Political Storm. It received a lot of attention and attracted a wide audience on our site: In his thought piece, he lays out a plan that Democrats can be proud of in the fall:

  • Democrats will fix the health care issue once and for all with a single-payer Medicare for All system**.**
  • Democrats will provide student loan relief**.**
  • Democrats will provide need-based subsidized childcare for anyone who wants to work.
  • Democrats will decriminalize marijuana and treat drug use as the disease that it is.
  • Democrats will make the criminal justice system live up to the "Justice is Blind" motto.

Okay, it’s not what I would choose; I’m a Conservative. Heck, I disagree with where it’s headed. But, it is an idea right? And it’s a damn sight better than what Democrats are doing now on an ad hoc basis. They’re just emoting and winging it.

I’ve said this before; America needs both of its major political parties to be firing on all cylinders. It keeps everyone honest and gets a lot of ideas out there. It’s a much better way to go than saying I’m for hating Trump and abolishing ICE (don't enforce laws) - which is all the Democrats got.

But, I almost forgot; you're still holding out for Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia that stole the election from Dame Hillary Clinton.

4. No one except you and your media lapdogs are buying the Russian collusion story.

No one is saying Putin is wishing us well, but The Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russia any more than the Clinton campaign did by buying the “Dossier” from Richard Steele who was assisted by his Russian sources. You really don’t want to go there do you Democrats? Every campaign does “opposition research.”

The U.S. intelligence community believes that it’s pretty clear that Russia was happy to mess around with fake posts to change the dynamics of the election and maybe other dirty tricks. But they didn’t change or hide votes.

Um, but didn’t President Obama do his best to get Netanyahu defeated in the last Israeli election? Why, yes he did! Hell, the U.S. is the king of interfering in elections.

It’s also pretty clear that the so-called “Deep State” has been trying to meddle with the 2016 election itself by nullifying Trump’s victory and also delegitimizing him personally as well.

Here’s the thing Democrats: No one is buying the Russia story anymore and to win in November you need ideas, not anger, hate and craziness because that’s not going to make it. Without a policy plan to rally around you’re going to be sorely disappointed in November.

At that point Democrats, will you once again blame other Americans for deplorably not voting for you or will you finally look for the real answers that has eluded you since President Trump was elected? Because right now, all I see is that you are still wrapped in a bubble of self-righteousness, kept there by your media accomplices, whose sycophantic performance is keeping you from finding out the truth. As a result, you will be defeated soundly in November, clueless still.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm and nobody's sycophant.

No. 1-5

Collusion is not a dead story until Mueller provides conclusion. Trump has immunity but all these people being investigated around him makes you wonder really, what in the hell were they thinking? I've read this speculative article and it resonated with me. Care to comment?



Very well laid out, Jon. With Ocasio Cortez's win over an established Dem in NY as a socialist.... I think it's clear democrats are desparate to find a message.

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

The Dems seem to have a very solid platform just not a great way of communicating it publicly. They're all reactionary to the tweets

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


That's exactly right JP! I am willing to be convinced on some issues or at least compromise on some, but I'm hearing only anger and threats -

JP Mac
JP Mac

How will my life be better under them? They haven't explained that.