Four Inconvenient Truths For Progressives

Four truths that will make Progressives uncomfortable on Gun Control, North Korea, Collusion, and Illegal Immigration

​The status quo following the most recent school massacres is untenable. But there’s no quick fix.

Let’s start with the premise that we are not going to ban guns in the U.S. where some 300 million are in circulation in over 40% of American households. That’s a lot of gun ownership. So guns are not going away and the Second Amendment is not going to be repealed.

And it’s not about the type of guns being used either. The murder rate in America has gone down as Gun ownership has gone up. In fact, most gun violence is from handguns, not so-called “assault rifles.” It’s just not that simple.

However, there is a very high correlation between mentally ill people and mass shootings at schools and churches. And even worse, there seems to be an even higher link between these tragedies and the fact that those people gave clues to their neighbors, teachers, school administrators and on social media. And nothing was done. And it seems this is also true of local law enforcement and the FBI when they were notified of suspicious behavior.

Then there’ s the Air Force, who forgot to tell anyone about Devin Patrick Kelley, who was discharged for bad conduct in 2014. No big deal, he went on to kill 26 and wound another 20 people at a church in Texas in 2016. Apparently, he was discharged due to being convicted on domestic violence charges in 2013. Because he never made it into the Federal database so he was easily able to buy a gun. Oops.

Well, there must be something we can do, if only just to pay attention to people in our communities who are out of the normal range of behavior, like people who post boasts about violent thoughts on You Tube or Facebook.

Can we agree that people with psychological issues shouldn’t be allowed to buy guns? Can we start there?

But now we’re into the real issue of liberty versus security, as my colleague, J expressed on his Objective Podcast yesterday. What’s the right balance? Can it even be balanced?

Or maybe it’s because we have simply become so invested and entrenched in our political positions that we can’t even have an honest conversation about these things as my partner, Pat Greer suggests in his piece published yesterday.

Maybe we should take some simple and more obvious and easy steps to end the ideological standoff, as comedian Hilary Schwartz proposes in her recent column featured in Political Storm.

These shootings won’t be stopped easily because they’re the result of complex problems. America is once again polarized on this one - we’re all dug in. We really need to handle this national discussion without rancor, because the mass-shooting problem surely won’t be solved if we can’t listen to each other.

The adulation of North Korean dictator’s sister tells you all you need to know about the Liberal media’s Trump Derangement syndrome

The coverage of the plucky sister of Kim Jong-un’s, Kim Yo-jong reached maximum absurdity as she was favorably compared to Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka. Not to be outclassed, the BBC produced a breathless article about Kim Yo-jong that was (and I am not making this up!) titled: Kim Jong-un's sister: 'Sweet but with a tomboy streak.'

And you know what? She is just like Ivanka Trump, except for the connection Kim has to North Korea’s torture, political imprisonment, labor camps, threats of nuclear war and starvation of her people. Other than that - JUST the same…

See, I don’t mind if your opinion is that President Trump has the wrong policies or that you don’t think he’s a very nice man and you hate his tweeting habit. Fair enough. But, if with a straight face, you tell me Kim Yo-Jong can be compared to Ivanka Trump, or for that matter, that Ivanka’s old man is just like Kim Jong-Un, then, you’re just crazy. And I’m writing you off as a nut. Because you have Trump Derangement Syndrome and you see everything through that narrow prism.

The charge that Trump Campaign’s colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton is predicated on a lie. But the media can tell any story they want to and you lap it up.

Look, we now know from two Congressional Committees that the FBI used a piece of opposition research on the Trump campaign (paid for by the Clinton Campaign) to push a false narrative that somehow Trump’s traitorous aids colluded with the Ruskies. The result is the Mueller Investigation.

The motivation for this is unclear. No, I’m kidding. It is meant by the establishment in Washington and Liberal haters of Trump to “resist” this President.

Mueller has uncovered some stuff though. He’s indicted 13 Russians for creating a smokescreen of misinformation and half - truths to mess up our politics. This effort goes back to Obama’s second term and had nothing to do with Trump. They colluded with companies like Facebook. It’s not at all clear that anything they did changed the course of the election in 2016. And they’ve always played games with us and us with them.

Mueller has also charged two Trump Campaign aids (Manafort and Gates) with “Lying to the FBI.” “Oh ho-that’s the smoking gun,” you say? Not so fast. They’ve lied about business dealings they had with Russian companies that took place several years before the campaign.

If Democrats keep pursuing the “White Whale,” instead of working on meaningful policy, the upcoming Congressional midterm elections could shock you.

Just because you can sympathize with the plight of undocumented immigrants it doesn’t make them legal or make you right.

Here’s the thing, are we a society of laws or not? The best example is the classic one we all debated in school: A father (or mother) has a sick child and they have no money for the drug that could save the child. So the father (or mother) breaks into the local pharmacy and steals the medication. The child is saved.

While this is a heartwarming outcome, there are unintended societal consequences, and that is - anarchy. A society without the enforcement of its laws is not going to survive and a country that doesn’t enforce its borders won’t either.

And that’s the truth, albeit inconvenient for some.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Can't wait for some progressives to pounce in here and discuss this with us

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Thanks Three- That's what we're trying to do. For the record, I don't always agree with Pat either-LOL



The question is, how do we strip that bias and rhetoric away from the media? I mean, just this week we were introduced to a young man who was a student at the school in Lakeland who was asked to go to the CNN town hall and tell his story and ask questions. But he revealed that CNN didn't want him asking his own personal questions, but scripted ones that they wanted him to ask. It's going to be impossible for us to have real, genuine discussions on the facts when we are being bombarded by the bias of one side or the other. That's why I love this platform because most people come here for honest discussion and are open to hearing each other out! Pat and I may not see eye-to-eye on everything but we can listen to each other and respect each others point of view. I don't see that with the mainstream media!



Well said, Jon. Loved this piece! When all the rhetoric and media spin is stripped away... we are left with basic truths that you have outlined here... the unadulterated truth. Top notch.

Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Wild out here Jon .