Exploding Heads

The Democrats have begun to wake up and realize that they are at Donald Trump’s mercy and their heads are exploding.

Evidence of this is everywhere and it ranges from preposterous, Rube Goldberg- like schemes to deny Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs to become president, to dire warnings about too many retired generals in the Cabinet, to attacks on each cabinet candidate as they are presented to the American public. Like everything with Trump, no one has ever seen anything like this level of hand-wringing and shrill criticism before. What will this look like when he actually is inaugurated?

The first of those “never before“ are stories of unprecedented schemes being concocted to make sure enough electors go “faithless” (those electors not voting for the candidate they are pledged to vote for on December 19) so that Trump doesn’t get the necessary 270 electoral votes he needs to become president.

The simpler versions of those plans are offers by Democrats to handle the legal bills of the “faithless” who go against Trump in states where they could be sued or face criminal charges for being faithless. The simplest method, of course, is bumping off Trump electors as demonstrated by the alleged death threats, which some Trump electors say they’ve received. They can’t vote if they’re dead, after all.

My personal favorite “never before” is a plea by historian Robert S. McElvaine writing in The Huffington Post. Here, backing a proposal by Michael Cannon in the Washington Post, he begs Hillary Clinton to do the noble thing by releasing “all 232 delegates pledged to her and asks them to vote instead for a Republican who lives in the real, factual world, is not a misogynist and thin-skinned bully, does not associate with white nationalists, and has an attention span longer than 140 characters…”

McElvaine urges right-minded Democrats and Republicans in Congress to vote for Romney or Kasich once Trump is out of the way. They could then pledge to form a “National Unity” government by appointing cabinet members of both major parties equally. He believes that this selfless act by Clinton would be the “crowning achievement” of her long career.

Next, we have the strident warnings by members of the Mainstream Media and pundits on the Left that Trump is appointing too many retired generals to the Cabinet; so far, Generals Flynn, Kelly, and the wonderfully-nicknamed “Mad Dog” Mattis. So it looks like Trump is going after the title of Authoritarian Dictator after all. You can almost hear the cries of “Ah ha!”

Okay, two things on this: first, general officers and admirals are incredibly worldly and educated individuals who have been in charge of many thousands of personnel. Pretty good qualifications, wouldn’t you say?

Second, military leaders tend to be realistic about war. The former military officers I’ve met consider war to be a very serious business and when they get there, they will prosecute it to their fullest ability but aren’t huge proponents of going to war unless it’s absolutely necessary. The inclusion of retired General Officers or Admirals seems like an incredibly-rational move for a president-elect who is lacking in both military and foreign policy experience.

By the way, does anyone remember that the early team put together by President Obama consisted of two generals and an admiral? They were: retired Marine Gen. Jim Jones as national security adviser; retired Army Gen. Eric Shinseki as veterans affairs secretary; and retired Navy Adm. Dennis Blair as director of national intelligence.


And then we have the appointment of a “climate change denier” to head the EPA! This would be Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma. The hysterics of Democrats has just begun on this appointment. You know, Pruitt as Attorney General of Oklahoma has sued the EPA – twice! He has been an outspoken critic of excessive government regulation. The EPA has been very active under President Obama’s watch, damaging the energy industry, particularly coal, and put a lot of people out of work.

Meanwhile, as the unwarranted hysterical hyperbole spews out of the punditry and mainstream press, Trump has gone out and talked to his supporters enthusiastically and rationally. He’s made some very strong picks for his Cabinet and they all fit what he’s been saying about his policies all along. It’s actually been very interesting to watch him, especially since I wasn’t a big fan of his during the election campaign.

I’m beginning to change my mind as the celebrities moan, the Left melts down and the Democrats fail to see their own hand in the massive reversal of fortune they’ve just suffered. They’re still calling Trump voters bad names and treating their own ideas as the ONLY ideas. As a result, they’ve put the Democrat Party in a place where they look laughable, and their heads are exploding as they try to respond to Trump.

It could be a long exile at this rate.

Earlier this week, the CEO of U.S. Steel announced his intention to call back 10,000 laid off steel workers. It seems he’s very bullish on what he sees as the end to the stagnation and malaise of the U.S. economy during the Obama years. It appears to him that we’re headed to a positive business environment. More “crony capitalism,” I guess.

Yes, if Democrats continue to choose their own ideology over people, it will be a long exile.