Jon Saltzman

The Brett Kavanaugh Circus in The Senate, where unsupported allegations became “Fact” and “innocent until proven guilty” was literally turned on its head by the Democrats and their media toadies, changed my editorial view. The far Left, which has taken over the Democratic Party, must be defeated soundly in November. Accordingly, their voice will not appear on Political Storm again until they become responsible Americans. I’m not holding my breath.

In the meantime, I have evolved into a member of the Make America Great movement. I am not alone in this regard. Many who were not necessarily anti-Trump or never Trump, but were somewhat less than enthusiastic are in the process of joining me. For example, a writer I really respect, John Hinderaker of Powerline Blogon October 5 wrote:

“I didn’t see this coming two years ago, but President Trump is now the standard-bearer for normal Americans who resist the encroachments of the far Left, which now owns the Democratic Party.”

That’s exactly how I feel now with no reservations at all. Back in the day, when I started Political Storm, I believed that the Trump phenomena along with the Bernie surge was a place where many outside the Beltway felt that their voice wasn’t being heard by the ruling elite in Washington. So, we decided to be a platform for all voices not being heard.

During the nearly three years that Political Storm has been around, I evolved from a squeamish acceptance of Donald Trump, hoping that another in the Republican field would prevail, to a “Never Hillary” position. However, after Donald Trump’s extraordinary win, I watched the Left dissolve into a full-time resistance of a legally elected President. The so-called “Resistance” has led me to Trump’s corner.

Why? I can’t side with people who think that we can change the underpinning of our legal system to suit their political purpose. In American law, the accused is presumed innocent. The burden of proof is placed on the accuser. The Democrats and their media pals have made it abundantly clear with their scurrilous accusations that they don’t believe this - even in the face of Kavanaugh’s seventh FBI clearance. The unfortunate Dr. Blasey-Ford may have been assaulted, but in all probability, it wasn’t by the then 17 year old Kavanaugh. The story fell apart. But why let facts get in the way of a good tantrum?

And what of the Left’s treatment of women? Although Democrats are the self-proclaimed champions of women, they had no problem using a woman in a very public way, to achieve their ends. They had every chance to do this in a private setting, but chose to make it a gut wrenching spectacle, taking down Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford’s reputations without a thought.

Why would they do this? I can only conclude that these virtue signaling Democrats only care about symbolism not real people. All women are good and always tell the truth, and all white males (especially privileged ones) are guilty through their oppression of women. Symbols are important to Democrats, not individuals.

So I am urging anyone who will listen to vote against this sordid group of Democrats in November. They are a danger to American freedom and the rule of law. We can’t allow them to take power in Washington. This bunch is morally bankrupt.

As for Political Storm, we will move to become a platform that is much more open to MAGA and their voice. As they say: “The storm is here” and we embrace it. We are the “Counter Resistance.” We’ve had a non-partisan editorial view, but no more. It’s time to take sides. We are choosing to endorse the Republicans in November and The President’s agenda.

It’s time for Americans to look at the reality of what the Trump Administration has done for America in just 18 months without the propaganda of the Mainstream media:

· The best employment figures in 50 years

· Pro business policies that have taken regulatory shackles off of business owners, creating a booming economy

· Lower personal and business taxes

· Outing the U.N. for it’s coddling of oppressive regimes

· Starting trade negotiations from the position of America first

· NATO is now beginning to pay their fair share for American protection

· The Korean Peninsula may actually achieve peace

· An effort to control our borders

All in all, the President’s not off to a bad start. I’m getting the hang of this MAGA stuff. As long as Democrats keep making ideological symbols of us all, our editorial position is that we must elect Republicans and support the Trump Administration’s agenda.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher of PoliticalStorm

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JP Mac
JP Mac


I was one of the last to jump on the Trump train. My main reason for voting for him was his list of Supreme Court picks. He's already exceeded my expectations. Even in the case of the trade where I was highly skeptical, he's been more successful than I ever thought. I get why he turns people off, I still cringe at some of the things he says, but it's hard to argue with the results.



The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

More power to you and may you still welcome those who have different long as they're not unruly of course.


That's sad! Always loved your nonpartisan approach. You won't find plenty of other sites like these anymore so it's fun while it lasted! Anyone regardless of politics is free to speak up. Oooh what an America would we have become if that's the norm