Drop the term "snowflake" from political discourse

The "snowflake" pejorative should be dropped from political conversation.

The word "snowflake" to malign a liberal irritates me to no end and I think its continued use is hurting constitutional conservativism and the fight against left wing extremism. I am in full favor of dropping the term altogether from political discourse.

Not all liberals are enemies, not all liberal ideas are bad and a great many conservatives can be crazy. Liberalism is not evil. Painting all liberal ideas under the broad brush of "snowflake"-yness does a disservice to many noble ideas from liberal thought. Liberalism is not evil. On the other hand, leftism, Marxism and socialism are. A push for justice for minorities should be applauded, a push to overturn the second amendment should be condemned outright. A desire for equity between the sexes is a noble pursuit, a radical misandry that attacks the unborn should be outright abhorred. One great space for dialogue between rival political groups is to find common ground. More often than not while many leftists cannot be reasoned with, a great many liberals can, and dialogue should always be encouraged. The goal of the conservative and patriotic movement should be as big tent as possible. Painting all liberals as "snowflakes" cuts off common ground and dialogue from those who we would like to walk away from the Democratic party and consider joining us in saving this country. In order to pursue political leadership it is vital that those willing to converse and their ideas are not swept singlehandedly into the same snowy avalanche as those who have gone radical.

For starters, the word "snowflake" defines a member of the radical leftist movement in this country as being overly fragile; an obscenely gentle hipster type who wears one's heart on one's sleeve. Like a "snowflake" the radical leftist wants to be special and unique and treated with delicacy. However, I believe the leftist movement in this country has grown so violent I don't think they can be maligned with a pejorative of hypersensitivity. Look at any college campus where Turning Point USA arrives or Ben Shapiro comes on the scene or even a classical liberal like Christian Hoff Sommers arrives. Leftists riot, heckle, curse, hit, demean and attack regularly. After the March for Life I witnessed a moral outrage that the left wing performed that shocked me to the core. The boys of Covington Catholic High School were doxed and issued brutal death threats because of these "gentle" folk. Young men, in high school no less, were subjected to digital lynching due to left wing outrage culture and sensationalized reporting. The left wing has grown brutal to the point it gives free passes to governors who wish to expand abortion into infanticide and generates Twitter memes over killing teenage boys from its Twitter celebrities with a free pass. All after a weekend, mind you, where fake feminists rallied together without apology under figureheads who supported men bragging of Hitler's extermination of Jews. This is not gentleness, but brutality.

I also do not believe leftist and Marxist culture is in fact offended by you. I think they wish to suppress you. From big tech giants at Facebook and Twitter regulating speech through mass media, to false reports and hoaxes in the news, it is amazing that conservatives still have a voice at all in our modern technic world. The radical left is not hurt by different ideas, they want them shut out. Offense is one thing, but censorship is another. And besides, compassion and gentleness towards the offensive is not altogether a bad quality if it does not lead to fanaticism or cowardice. I say it is quite noble to be offended by certain ideas; to be disgusted with hatred towards this country and a desire to shift it into to the poverty of Venezuela, to be shocked by the overt anti-Semitism of the women's march, to cry over the fate of the late term abortions in New York. Liberalism has become the only group that is allowed to be outraged over injustice. I think it is time that conservatives, concerned about the existential threat leftism poses to our nation, get a little more heated as our "snowflake" counterparts.

Another reason I loathe the "snowflake" term? It encourages conservatives not to protest. Due to the fact that so many don't want to look like "snowflakes" themselves, they have decided to stay at home, to not get upset, to not protest. Now, I do not by any means wish for the right to look like the far left after election night 2016. However, I would like to see constructive protest, petition and voice from many who are remaining silent towards radical movements that seek to dismantle America. In trying not to be "snowflake" cowards via outrage protest, many of us have frozen into icicles of copacetic respectability and a maintenance of the status quo. We need more #WalkAway rallies and #Blexit events, we need more Marches for Life and rallies for America. We do not need to be silent and cowardly anymore, dignified protest is often the last powerful form of defiant protest against those who refuse to hear the other side. Perhaps instead of cursing the radical left or staying home to not look like it, standing tall and dignified against it will be the best form of leadership we can show against it.

I believe the goal of the conservative movement in this country should be to get everyone on board with rejecting extremist leftism. The "snowflake" pejorative does nothing to debate, inspire, reason, protest or stand one's ground with grace.