Did you know today is International Men's Day? Most pple don't know, bc its hardly talked about and it seems our culture is too busy denigrating men to realize it. Men have been largely responsible for building the roads, buildings, railways and cities that we exist in and take for granted. They are mostly responsible for fighting and sacrificing for the freedoms and safety we get to enjoy in our great country. Fathers are instrumental to families. We should be appreciative of men and fathers and all their great contributions to women and society. Enough of this man-shaming; its killing our society, our men and our relationships. Men and women are supposed to be team-mates, remember? We need to celebrate men!

As you're going about your day, just notice all the men that are working behind the scenes, that you don't normally notice or take for granted. Notice the construction workers, firemen, police officers, maintenance men, your boss, and take a moment to appreciate how hard they work, even in undesirable conditions. Stop and say Thank You. Find something that you can appreciate about the men in your world, those that you know and don't know. #AppreciateMenDay

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Yes, you are correct. Men are also subjected to discrimination. That's what some people refuse to acknowledge.