Danville Police Shooting & Has Mueller Taken It Too Far?


Hello everyone! Welcome to the 49th Episode of the "Let's Talk Headline Series." This week we discuss yet another Officer Involved Shooting of a black man. I encourage you to check out the released body cam footage for yourself. We also discuss newest developments in the Russia investigation. It appears that Michael Cohen, the President's personal lawyer, is now under criminal investigation. Also, Devin Nunes has had enough with DOJ and FBI stonewalling and threatened to hold the Director and Deputy AG in contempt followed by impeachment if they did not comply with an outstanding subpoena. That threat definitely put the fire under their rear ends because all it took was a day before they reluctantly provided the required document.


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Nunes acting like a fool sometimes

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

That's a great idea to have an episode dedicated to police shootings. But any stats on why is there sudden uptick on these shootings again or they're just isolated incidents?

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Another good episode J. You speak in a calm objective way about issues and it really lays bare all this extraneous nonsense the Democrats and Anti Trump forces are using to take Trump down. It's obvious that this "resistance" is nothing more than an attempt at a bloodless coup.