Ctrl-Left, Alt-Right Delete 2

In the middle of the unfolding disaster in Texas, another assault by the Left on free speech went mostly under reported.

In San Francisco on Saturday, a group called Patriot Prayer was scheduled to hold a really that never came off due to threats of violence from Antifa. Patriot’s Prayer founder, Joey Gibson has no record of being “Alt -Right;” or worse, a Neo – Nazi, white supremacist; he’s just a Trump supporter.

Later on Sunday, violence broke out from Leftists in Berkeley who assaulted Trump supporters.

When Donald Trump spoke about “both sides” being at fault in Charlottesville, he was probably right, but of course, since it was Donald Trump speaking, he got pilloried for not being more anti-Nazi than Left wing radical. If you’d like to take a look at some chaos, look into the Communists vs. the Nazi’s violence in the 1920’s and 30’s in Germany. Neither side covered themselves with glory. Who was the worst despot, Hitler or Stalin? You decide.

So I’m going to show you a quick video from my new hero, Maajid Nawaz. He is an English born Muslim who is taking on radical Islam in England and he speaks a lot of common sense.

Nawaz thinks that the radical left, (that he calls the “Control Left”) is just as dangerous for our society as the extreme right. He has no time for either of them them OR the Alt-Right. Hence his clever phrase (That I have also adopted): CTRL-Left, Alt-Right Delete.

In this video, Nawaz explains the four reasons that the Ctrl-Left is radical and should never be confused with liberals:

  1. Censorship
  2. Being post-factual
  3. Violence as an option
  4. Group identity over individual rights.

Give this video a listen. He could be speaking to America and he’s very concise. Enjoy!

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm