Checking In With MAGA Activist Suzzanne Monk

Jon Saltzman

I caught up with activist and author Suzzanne Monk. I asked her about her recent problems with Facebook and Twitter. We discussed her recent piece on Political Storm where she describes the polarization of America as being like a "civil war," which I found to be sadly accurate. Give it a read. We next spoke about whether or not the President can beat the Deep State, the Mueller Investigation, and the Republican prospects in the midterms.

As always, Suzzanne gives her remarkable insight with even temperament and humor. Enjoy!

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Giuliani's recent public comments that Mueller SHOULD submit the report by September seems to me like he's pressuring him on public now else be crucified with politically motivated indictments. hahaha Was this Giuliani's tactics back then with the mob too

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The investigation will conclude on Mueller's time. Hopefully sooner because it could affect midterms