Candace Owens: The Anomaly [S2 Ep12]

Candace Owen is the Left's worst nightmare! They will do whatever they can to undermine and silence her.

**Looks like I got a Youtube copyright claim on my intro track! I am uploading the original file to the website, but will re-upload this video soon with another song!**


Hey Everyone! Welcome to the 12th episode of the Let's Talk Headlines series! This episode I discuss why the Left doesn't know how to deal with Candace Owens and anyone who thinks like her. Instead of challenging her with ideas, they target her with a myriad of 'isms' ... that just don't work.

I also discuss CBS's 'The Good Fight' that blatantly and unapologetically dog whistles enemies of the President to commit dangerous attacks against him and his supporters... Why is it that the left and their celebrity champions always get away with this violent rhetoric?

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