"Blacks are BRAINWASHED!' 😡 says NFL legend Burgess Owens: Tribute to Men Rally

I discuss REAL non-politically correct issues like Feminism, Gender, Porn, Masculinity, Liberalism.

#NailedIt #StrongMenStrongNation

LOVED my friend Burgess Owens' talk at our Tribute to Men Rally. #NailedIt. Burgess is a retired safety who played 10 seasons in the NFL for the New York Jets & the Raiders, and now is a popular commentator & author who wrote 2 of my fave books: "Liberalism: Or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies & Wimps" and "Why We Stand." HE is a true hero & example for the black community, as his message is about personal empowerment, respect, patriotism, & creating your American Dream despite your obstacles & how dire the situation you were born into. πŸ’“ Burgess! We had an incredible first Tribute to Men rally in DC, and the next one will be even bigger and better. This is the START of an ongoing pubic conversation to change the narrative and change the laws that discriminate against men. Join the movement! www.TributeToMen.com Follow me on TWITTER for more info & updates on this topic: @DeannaTLorraine #StrongMenStrongNation

**Stay tuned for details for the next rally, scheduled for the day before Father's Day in LA. Also, we need a lot more financial support and sponsors for this next rally, in order to put it on right and have the impact we want. So Please, every contribution really helps and I ask those of you who care about changing the misandristic narrative, and changing the gynocentric laws so we can empower and support our boys and men for the future, pls donate to my mission:

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