Bill Maher & The #MeToo Movement


Bill Maher has noticed that while the #MeToo Movement is a worthy cause, it's causing people to blur the lines of between rape, assault, harassment and regret. The latest example of this would be actor Aziz Ansari getting crucified over his inability to read the body language of his date.

Bill Maher, someone with whom I agree with about 35% of the time, is ringing the alarm bells and beckoning us to come back to some "common sense." The only point of contention I would make about Bill Maher's critique is when he says that Democrats are held to a higher standard than Republicans when it comes to sexual scandals. This is absolute nonsense.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy leaves Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in his car. He then later becomes the "Lion of the Senate" and the standard bearer of the Democratic Party.

Former President Bill Clinton had a list of women he took advantage of before his presidency and Hillary helped attack the reputations of some of his accusers (#ImWithHer).

Former Congressman Barney Frank dated a male prostitute who he later hired to be his housekeeper and driver. This new employee would later run a prostitution ring out of Frank's Capital Hall house in the basement. Oddly enough, this went unnoticed by Frank.

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

Totally makes sense! I particularly think we should stop the hypocrisy and tell it as it is when it comes to these kind of issues. The mainstream media is just too soft to mention it as it is when it comes to Democrats as Bill argues because they're still glorified like Hillary's #ImWithHer slogan hypocritical against her husband's history of lasciviousness.