Be Like Mike

Earlier this year the Vice President, Mike Pence, stated that he only goes out to eat dinner with his wife.

The mainstream media eviscerated, ridiculed, and bashed him for such an unpopular and outdated stance. They called him sexist, a misogynist, anti-woman, an oppressor of women, etc. But it is only now, when the Democrats and Republicans alike are subject to sexual assault and harassment allegation, that people see the wisdom in his position. It’s not because he is some rigid, religious nut that he chooses to be cognizant of the optics surrounding interactions with the opposite sex when married. It’s not because he is a sex maniac who cannot control himself around women who are not his wife. It IS because he understands politics. He understands optics. He is a man of moral uprightness. He respects his wife and would rather not put himself in a situation where he could be compromised. In a world full of opportunistic perverts, be a Mike Pence. And women… be a Karen Pence. Be a man and woman of PRINCIPLE! You absolutely WILL be misunderstood, mis-characterized, and misinterpreted, but stand fast.