All Of Us Win If America Votes Republican On Tuesday

Does anyone really want Nancy Pelosi, endless investigations of Trump, a​​​nd gridlock?

Do you remember the pivotal scene in Rocky IIwhere Rocky is at Adrian’s bedside after she’s delivered their baby? Rocky starts mumbling about maybe quitting before the next Creed fight which is days away. Adrian pulls him close and says: ” I want you to do something for me…win…win.”

It feels like that scene as we approach Tuesday’s election. The Democrats and their media wing have made this election all about Trump and he has obliged them. Game on. Of course, they have been braying about Trump and the Republicans for two years, unceasingly. Trump and the Republicans are heartless, racist, Fascist, misogynist and against the LGBT community.

So you may not have heard this, but America has really made great strides since President Obama left office. That’s right, the America First approach, where we look out for our country’s interests before others, is working. As President Trump says quite often: “Are you tired of winning?”

Why does it feel like this is an uphill fight? It should be an easy victory. I personally believe that the Republicans will hold both the House and the Senate and the same Leftist media folk as the ones we watched in 2016 will be shaking their heads in disbelief once again. Why?

Even though most of the media downplayed the remarkable resurgence of the American economy since 2016, one news outlet has done a fine job of putting the good news out there. Investor’s Business Daily Editors wrote a very straightforward piece on Friday, November 2nd that makes a solid case for the Congressional Republicans retaining the majority in both Houses on Tuesday. (INSERT LINK And it’s “blowing my mind” as we used to say, that this midterm election is even close. Read the Investor’s editorial if you get a chance, to see what I mean.

So here is my final argument for keeping the Republican Majority on Tuesday:

Economic growth

Under Obama we were told that 2% growth was the best we could hope for in the future. Under Trump and the Republicans, GDP growth is exceeding anything under the previous administration. Don’t let anyone tell you that this was a result of the “Obama Recovery.” Nonsense. The relief from the business community was palpable when Trump took office and started pealing back the strangling Obama regulations. By the way, the Democrats have pledged to roll back the tax cuts...


We now have the most Americans working than anytime in our history. Unemployment is the lowest level since 1969. African Americans and Latino’s are enjoying their lowest unemployment numbers ever.


Well at least Republicans repealed Obamacare, which was a very poor plan and a job killer. They did not however, replace it as promised. We’re not really sure what they’ll do next. But, the alternative is the Democrat’s free ‘Medicare for all plan” with a 36 Trillion price tag over 10 years.


Despite the bad press on Trump’s so called “protectionist” policies, Trump has re-tooled NAFTA, and gotten concessions from the EU. He is still negotiating with China and I wouldn’t count him out.

Foreign Policy

Donald Trump is the best friend Israel has ever had in the White House, The Koreas are talking peace, our NATO partners are beginning to pay their fair share for their protection and our Eastern European allies are being supported, finally.

Illegal Immigration

Like healthcare, this is far from finished. However, if not for Trump and the Republicans, this issue wouldn’t even be discussed. At least it’s front and center. The Democrats solution is open borders and sanctuary cities. Hmmm…

When you look at the accomplishments of Trump and the Republicans who have grudgingly come to accept his agenda, it’s really hard to imagine going backward on Tuesday. Does anyone really want Nancy Pelosi, endless investigations of Trump, impeachment discussions, and a whole lot of gridlock? Nope.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that on Tuesday, Americans are going to vote for the team of the Republicans and Trump. No one really wants to go back in time.

The Democrats have no new ideas; and besides, winning is fun. Do America a favor, vote Republican and win.

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher of Political Storm

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Very well put, Jon. I agree with you-- my prediction is the same for the mid-terms. I would go as far as saying that if the conservatives DON'T hold both, it would have been for reasons devoid of logic. Blind Hatred would have succeeded... That's my BIASED opinion. ;)