A Riot Is An Ugly Thing, Democrats

Jon Saltzman

Do you remember that scene in the movie by Mel Brooks, Young Frankenstein? You know, the one where the local constable comes out the door of the constabulary to confront a mob of the local villagers holding pitchforks and flaming torches? He holds up his hands over his head and says: A riot is an ugly thing!" The constable pauses and then says: "And I think it's just about time we had one!" The crowd proceeds to the castle to confront Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder).

In today's Trump World, that mob is the Democrats and their sympathizers in the Deep State spurred on by the Democrat Media. And you have to ask them: where are you going with this?

Let’s try an experiment where I take out all names that inflame us from this discussion, like Trump, Clinton, Obama, Comey and Mueller and I’ll recall what has happened since the summer of 2016 by asking you a series of questions.

You are now a newly minted somewhat “Objective American” so let’s begin:

What happens when one political party (Democrat) refuses to accept the outcome of a legal Presidential election?

And, that prior to that legal election, the incumbent President, a Democrat, appears to have used the power of his office and its legal arm, the Justice Department and the FBI to set up an appearance of an illegitimate election of a Republican?

What do you think so far?

What if I told you that it looks like the overwhelming majority of broadcast and print media have aided and abetted this political party (Democrat) and that you can't believe everything they report, and that since there’s only one major media outlet supporting the other side (Republican) that you can’t believe everything they say either?

Then, what if I told you that the Presidential candidate of the incumbent President’s party (Democrat), through their campaign organization, paid a former British spy (using Russian spy sources) to compile a fictitious dossier on the opposition candidate (Republican), that was later was used by the FBI to leak charges of that Republican candidate's alleged collusion with Russia?

Next, what if I mentioned that this fictional opposition research finally became the basis for an independent counsel investigation of the Republican candidate whose election was never supposed to happen - but it did?

And, what if I said that this same fictitious dossier was used by the Justice Department to obtain a warrant to eavesdrop on a U.S. citizen, who has till not been accused of any wrongdoing in the independent counsel’s investigation?

Then, what if I informed you that the special counsel couldn't find any evidence of this unlikely Republican President's collusion with Russia in 18 months, so he went after that President's former company and family?

It would be pretty unbelievable, wouldn't it? In fact, it sounds like a bad movie plot.

But it's really happening right now and the news coverage and accusations grow wilder by the day. So again, I ask Democrats: where are you going with this? Would you like this to be the precedent for every free election we have in the future, if we can, that is?

You don't like the guy elected; so from day one, so you call for his impeachment? Listen Democrats; you actually have to commit a crime in office to be impeached. It's not some remedy to overthrow a legal election.

Okay, back to real names.

See, I get the Democrat angst over Trump, especially seeing what he's done so far. He's their worst nightmare. They disagree with every policy he stands for like letting Americans keep more of their own money, securing the borders, taking the regulatory shackles off of businesses, restoring manufacturing and maintaining a strong posture in the world instead of leading from behind.

I also understand that to them (and many others), Donald Trump comes across as rude, crude and socially unacceptable. And they hate him because he trolls and goads them and that he… well…wins. In fact, he wins a lot. Damn him.

And it's killing them that no one cares about Stormy Daniels or that Playboy model, Karen McDougal, except the lapdogs at CNN or MSNBC.

Yeah, he's not a great guy and he never was. That's not why he was elected and still has a strong base of believers. They supported him and made him President because they believed that he heard them, and he's delivering on his promises to them.

So again: where are you going with this, Democrats? Why can't you wait until the 2020 elections? Hell, they start in about a year anyway. In the meantime, you could work on winning back the majority in Congress this fall, right?

But that would take real policy ideas that Americans support…

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their media are doing all they can to bring down a legally elected leader by any means possible. Why, in the old days, they'd call that a “coup.” And what would you call the people behind that?

Well, we all know that answer, and it's not "patriot."

So Democrats, be careful because you might just tear down the greatest force for liberty the world has ever known (hint: America). And that wouldn't be such a great thing, would it?

A riot is an ugly thing…

Jon Saltzman is the Publisher and Senior Editor of Political Storm

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


Democrats in charge are acting like babies, but it was the same play book the Republicans played from during Obama's years. It is and as been out of hand for a while on account of no one standing up to being an adult and saying things like, "Well, this wasn't who I wanted in office, but I respect the office enough to respect them so lets work together as best as possible ." No. No one did that, no one is doing that, and unless something big enough happens to pull everyone's heads out tere ass it is going to continue. Because while I agree the that Democrats are the ones being obstructionsists, it isn't as if the GOP is stepping up with the olive branch to try to smooth things over. Relationships take two parties, not one, so the GOP constantly saying "we won get over it, lets work together" does not exactly ooze the sympathy needed to mend old wounds. It is no excuse, but still, both sides are required to mend this broken system.

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Agreed. The precedent they're setting won't be forgotten. I'm not sure they can see past their Trump Derangement to see how this will affect the next Democrat President.



When you pose the question, "Where are you going with this?" It makes me truly wonder if the democrats are even sure themselves! The lengths they would go to try destroy Trump's legitimate Presidency is concerning to me. That's why we have to keep em honest!

Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Great minds think alike! I look forward to your next piece!



When you put all of those events in paragraph form next to each other, it becomes much more ominous that hearing little pieces here and there. Great piece Jon, in fact, somewhat similar to one I am currently working on!