A Nation of Laws

The saying goes, “We are a Nation of Laws, Not of Men.”

This essentially means that the rule of law is held as the highest principle in the land. Although there are countless times where corruption, bribery, and scandal infiltrate the judicial process; we can still rejoice when justice is exercised. Michael Flynn, President Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor, was charged by the Mueller Team for lying to the FBI in regards to his Russian contacts. He is expected to plead guilty.

This has increasingly become a battle of optics. One side takes this information and insinuates that it vindicates their narrative, while the other side vets the information and shrugs it off as irrelevant to their narrative. This can be attributed to one common reoccurring theme: the politicization of Justice. Let’s be clear, folks, the information about Flynn’s failure to document these contacts with Russia came out in hearing almost a year ago– He consequently resigned from his position in the White House. Pundits and political analysts were, from then, assuming there would be charges in the future.

We live in a time when due process is reserved for the common man and seldom practiced amongst the elites. It is my hope this same level of justice and scrutiny be practiced regardless of who or what is at stake. This is how you restore faith in the justice system.