A Look Back On The Past Week

Do me a favor, take Trump down the American way - at the ballot box, ok?

It appears that our ruling government class is playing an inside game to remove a legally elected President from office by any means they can. The whole Mueller probe that began as an investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia to defeat Clinton has turned into “get Trump and his associates by any means and squeeze them ‘til they break and dime on him.” Proving that the mission was never about Russia at all.

There has been 24-7 hysteria surrounding Donald Trump on all major networks. Most of these networks spend all day criticizing and analyzing Trump. There is literally no news at all except Trump news. It’s been like this for over 2 years.

Meanwhile, out in Regular America, job growth and the economy are booming. There are more jobs than people. Minority unemployment is at the lowest recoded level ever. Additionally, Trump has taken on the unfair trade practices of our foreign trading partners. For the most part, they’ve backed down thus far. Businesses have been freed from many of the regulatory red tape of the Bush and then Obama terms and they are beginning to maximize their potential and tax cuts are making an impact on individual and corporate income.

I am grudgingly coming around to respect Trump’s results and the way he keeps his promises. We may not agree on his style- it’s rough, really rough. But I agree with his results. But that’s me. The bigger question is that are we going to let the Deep State and it’s journalistic enablers take down a legally elected President?

See, I’m an American. I don’t care if you disagree with me. Hell, it’s your right to do so. But do me a favor, take Trump down the American way - at the ballot box, ok?

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Well said, Jon!