A Libertarian's Perspective: My Conversation With Ron Litchman

Ron Litchman, the immediate Past-President of the Manhatten Libertarian Party shares his views with Political Storm

Ron Litchman is an attorney, registered investment advisor and the immediate Past- President of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. He is also a Political Storm Contributor and has been since our early days.

More importantly, Ron is fascinating to speak with and as you'll see, he schooled me on what Libertarians are all about and his personal views applying Libertarian values.

Ron believes that there were three seminal moments in American history that moved us away from our founding roots, which were about small government at all levels and individual liberty. They were, the advent of the direct vote for Senators (they were previously appointed by state legislatures), The Federal Income Tax, and The New Deal.

We also discussed what I thought might be a fourth event, The Great Society. This led us to a discussion about what the "social rights" vs. "individual liberty," which explains the divergence between those that believe in the rights to things supplied by government and individual responsibility.

For those that are "students of the game," Ron Litchman gives you plenty to think about. I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you will too. JS

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Pat Greer
Pat Greer


The hyenas really are pulling us apart. But it's structured that way right? The issue is how they use these funds because if we saw appropriate results of the money we use I think we would be less unhappy.


really interesting hearing all about this party. I think it's appealing to people who are fed up with the hypocrasy and hatred in the Democratic and Conservative parties.