9/11 Memorial Banned in University, September 11th Tribute

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There was a more recent 911 memorial scandal in Wisconsin and it didn't go well for those who opposed it either.



Im not saying that a memorial tribute should be canceled, but I will say that as a Muslim myself I could understand why some would be concerned. With this current political climate it can be frightening to deal with that topic, and just like it has happened with other groups, fear can lead to problems. When you combine that with the fact that the group that had planned the event had also pinned up images of James Foleys beheading, and shit will definitely get stirred up. That does not mean that there should be censorship, and it does not mean that there shouldnt be a tribute either. That said, an issue like 9/11 in the current political climate could be a potential powder keg. It is understandable that some would be very apprehensive.



Unfortunately I haven't had time to watch the entire video yet so maybe you address this but it seems that there never was any actual ban of a 9/11 memorial at Ripon or any other university. Below is a link to an AP Fact Check published by Fox News stating that there is no ban, and a link to Snopes story on the issue which labels reports of the ban "mostly false". Just briefly what both pieces explain is that Ripon's 9/11 memorial which features American flags displayed on campus, took place as it has for several years. The group which organizes the flag memorial, a chapter of the Young America's Foundation, had also previously displayed a poster which featured the beheading of James Foley and other images. Some students complained about the poster and the university administration had a meeting with the group, but, per Fox news, "no action or discipline was taken". Here are the links: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/31/ap-fact-check-wisconsin-college-did-not-ban-911-memorial.html