6 Takeaways From A Surreal Senate Day

Jon Saltzman

Remember September 27, 2018; the Ford vs. Kavanaugh circus will go down as one of the most riveting days in our Senate’s history. It was a day where Senate Democrats debased themselves and are likely to pay for their behavior for years to come and it was a day in which Senator Lindsey Graham (R SC) may have saved the Republican Party from it’s own handwringing self destruction. Here are my 6 takeaways from this surreal event.

Dr. Ford is not a political opportunist, but Democrats used her as a pawn.

Christine Ford was a credible witness who had been damaged by some kind of sexual assault. But, she could not remember when it actually happened. She approached her Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo (D. CA) who forwarded her letter to Senator Diane Feinstein (D. CA). It’s clear that Feinstein and the Democrats held onto her accusation of Kavanaugh in an orchestrated last-ditch effort to sink his nomination.

How do I know? First, Diane Feinstein interviewed Judge Kavanaugh and never mentioned the charges from Dr. Ford. She sat on them so she could ambush him later. Second, the entire day the Democrats on the committee kept begging for new FBI investigations of all the new charges against Kavanaugh including Ford’s. Why now? Why not investigate back in the summer when Feinstein became aware of Ford’s letter? Ford had asked for anonymity and it could have been investigated that way a month ago! Instead, Committee Democrats put her through the wringer. It was disgraceful.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s Angry Speech Will Resonate With Voters In November.

When Lindsey Graham got his chance to question Kavanaugh, he exposed the Democrats for what they are, disingenuous hypocrites, and his anger was real and spontaneous. He actually called out Democrats on the committee and as a party and called on Republicans to vote “yes” on Kavanaugh. His passion will galvanize Republicans into a rare show of unity and resolve for the Kavanaugh vote and in the midterm elections.

I never really "got" Graham, but it’s possible that the death of his friend, John McCain allowed him to step up like he never has before. His awakening came at just the right time.

The Democrats are just as craven a group as I described in a column Last Week.

Last week in my column, I pointed out how despicable the Democrats behavior has been during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I didn’t realize how low they could go until witnessing yesterday’s sham. Democrats actually believe in throwing away the presumption of innocence when it suits them.They virtually crucified two decent people in their quest to keep the seat on the Supreme Court open.

For the Democrats, all of their actions were justified in the name of preserving Roe v. Wade.

There is a deep divide in America over abortion, but as I said last week, legal abortion is not going anywhere. That ship has sailed. Since 1973, by my count, there have been 5 Republican Presidents (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.). They have appointed many Justices (Stevens, O’Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, Souter, Thomas, Roberts, Alito, Gorsuch) and guess what? Abortion is still legal, and so is birth control.

The Democrats have been exposed as a “one trick pony.” Lindsey Graham is right, why should we give power to this bunch of Democrats. They need a new playbook with fresh ideas and some integrity.

Brett Kavanaugh hit a homerun with his testimony (out of the park and into the street).

Kavanaugh came off as genuinely righteously indignant. It was the right tone and it smacked of the defiance some people showed during the end of the McCarthy era.He was credible and believable. He showed his disdain for the Senate Democrats as they continued their charade. He also probably saved his nomination in the process.

The Republicans’ tactics almost cost them.

The Republicans used a prosecutor to question Dr. Ford, Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchell and it created a herky-jerky back and forth between Democrats’ speech making and her methodical construction of facts. She might have succeeded, but the prosecutorial process can’t be done in five-minute bites.

To be fair, her wrap up quietly made a major point. Which was that if Feinstein and the other Democrats really cared about her, she wouldn’t have had to tell her story in public. She also was able to tease out enough from Dr. Ford to reveal that Ford really couldn’t remember many actual facts.

However, it wasn’t a trial, it was a Senate hearing and Lindsey Graham, when he finally spoke, showed why Senators’ personalities in these kind of proceedings are important. It was fortunate that the Republicans changed their strategy for questioning Judge Kavanaugh. It saved his nomination.

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Jon Saltzman
Jon Saltzman


Normally Phil I'd agree with you. EXCEPT The Democrats held back this information for over a month and sprung it on the Republicans and Kavanaugh in the last minute to stall things. They couldve had a thorough investigation much sooner, but they chose scorched earth tactics!

Philip Carino
Philip Carino

So happy with Flake's vote. The FBI investigation was all the Democrats we're asking for but Trump wouldn't allow it. This could have ended swiftly if Brett was really not guilty. Now he had to endure all the drama. See that? If White House allowed the investigation when Ford publicly came out, this could have not happened.