#161 | Antifa Assaults Andy Ngo, Dem Debate Recap, Veritas Censored Again

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#161 | Antifa Assaults Andy Ngo, Dem Debate Recap, Veritas Censored Again | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

Rose McGowan gives us another shoutout https://www.cameo.com/v/7z4gH_UJY

Right Wing Watch exposes Matt’s fiance: http://bit.ly/2YqU1aG

Mueller to testify: https://cnn.it/2FJ9wmZ

Jussie in his noose: https://youtu.be/cnUvddEVJv8

Breakdown of the Portland rallies and the Andy Ngo assault: https://bit.ly/2XbfkLF

Andy Ngo was nervous to attend: http://bit.ly/2FJK5By

Footage of Antifa protests including filling the milkshakes and the attack on Andy Ngo: http://bit.ly/2FInXHL

Another angle of attack on Andy: http://bit.ly/2FK5MS3

Michelle Malkin’s breakdown of the footage: http://bit.ly/2YtL948

Portland Police say some of the milkshakes contained quick-drying cement: http://bit.ly/2Yll1YN

Andy Ngo’s Periscope stream after the attack: http://bit.ly/2FGtY7K

Andy hospitalized after a brain bleed: http://bit.ly/2FJPGYD

Blue check takes on the attack: http://bit.ly/2FJi4Ko

Ngo is a ‘far right provocateur’: http://bit.ly/2FFiAJq

Tapper condemns Antifa: http://bit.ly/2FFn7eL

Stelter condemns Antifa: http://bit.ly/2FFneab

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler criticized for standing down again: http://bit.ly/2FJaRdv

Ted Cruz calls for investigation of Portland mayor: http://bit.ly/2FK1bzj

Richard Grenell calls for Justice Department to investigate Portland city leadership: http://bit.ly/2FHZcf1

3 arrests so far: http://bit.ly/2FDkSsD

Michelle Malkin creates GoFundMe for Andy, already clears $100K: https://bit.ly/2RKFvYC

Debate night 1: https://youtu.be/vJ6MrDO0kgY

Debate night 2: https://youtu.be/cX7hni-zGD8

Post-debate polling: http://bit.ly/2YpORLQ

Veritas’ censored video: http://bit.ly/2FGp0b6

YouTube censors Google expose video from Veritas: http://bit.ly/2ZNJjuP

E. Jean Carroll accusation against Trump: http://bit.ly/2Yo6sUy

Huffpo take on the accusation: http://bit.ly/2FJP1q7

Trump accuser says she will not press charges: http://bit.ly/2YpqJsI

Trump accuser says r4p3 is sexy: http://bit.ly/2FxQVKn

Desmond update: http://bit.ly/2FJz7MC

About the weird false start - YouTube just flat out kicked our stream when we started. We had to restart a few times to see if it would go. I've clipped it out, but it will take a while to process. Susan Wicky Wicky tried the ole Susan Kicky Kicky. I'll see myself out.

Was originally published at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC1Z2RVpPO0


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