#157 | Guest Soph, Mueller Speaks, Virginia Beach Shooting | Beauty & the Beta

Soph interview starts at 21:00

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Worst first pitch:

Jussie’s texts:

Biden touches another one:

Elizabeth warren compared to Dolezal on the Breakfast Club:

Hillary to give keynote speech at cyber security summit

Guy who set himself on fire at the white house dies:

Trump’s tariffs for Mexico:

Mueller’s news conference:

Impeachment poll results and Democratic candidate tweets:

50 House Democrats calling for impeachment proceedings:

CBS News story on impeachment:

Nancy Pelosi on Kimmel:

Virginia Beach Shooting:

Seth Moulton says ‘assassins’ use suppressors:

WaPo fudges on suppressors:

.45 suppressed is about 130 decibels:

Virginia Beach police chief James Cervera on ABC This Week:

Obama lies about US gun laws:

Blonde’s disease challenged by new study:

Lena Dunham exhibiting her happiness (viewer discretion advised):

Hoax hate:

Surprise cringe, the ‘Age Gap’ on UK Channel 5:

More info on the ‘Age Gap’ show segment:

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Philip Carino
Philip Carino

I could entice you and follow the logic that guns may not be the problem at all but why compare to Brazil, the socio-cultural makeup is just different and population. Plus America is so unique in that it's the only developed country with massive love for guns which in turn suffer from school shootings more often in comparison to relative population. It's just crazy to just blame it on the mental health issue. If there are lesser guns as Matt would have tried to see what happens, I don't think crazies would have access to them, right?

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Jon Saltzman
EditorJon Saltzman
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