#156 | Stable Genius v Crazy Nancy, May Resigns, YT Soft Censors Borderless

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#156 | Stable Genius v Crazy Nancy, May Resigns, YT Soft Censors Borderless | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

Rose McGowan shouts out the show:

Buy a Rose McGowan shoutout:

Democrats propose national abortion law:

Gillibrand on repealing the hyde amendment:

Booker on repealing the hyde amendment:

Biden on the Hyde Amendment:

May’s resignation press conference: https://youtu.be/KKt-Z5Yk2Wo

Who might replace Theresa May:

Assange charges: https://politi.co/2wjmcf4

Jussie case unsealed: https://cbsloc.al/2W3OLwz

Pelosi accuses Trump of cover up:

Trump was ‘furious’:

Trump cancels meeting, discusses in Rose Garden:

Pelosi responds to Trump’s cancellation:

Pelosi says Trump is crying out for impeachment:

Trump responds at press conference, calls on staff to defend him, calls himself ‘extremely stable genius’: https://youtu.be/g_wiSOe0G2k (18:00 - 19:30, 24:15, 39:00)

Trump’s Twitter video of Pelosi stammering:

Anderson Cooper describes Trump’s tweeted video as ‘fake’:

Today Show describes Trump’s tweeted video as ‘fake’:

Washington Post analysis of distorted Pelosi video:

Jim Carrey’s tweet:

Jeff Daniels on Trump:

Twitter bans the Krassensteins:

Brian Krassenstein celebrated YouTube banning Alex Jones (tweet now gone):

YouTube soft-censors Lauren Southern’s ‘Borderless’:

Coffee Break’s video on YouTube trending:

Gillette transgender first shave ad:

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