#155 | Abortion Law Wave, Buzzfeed v Soph, BK Milkshake Assaults, Batwoman

YouTuber and podcaster talking politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress

#155 | Abortion Law Wave, Buzzfeed v Soph, BK Milkshake Assaults, Batwoman | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

Grumpy Cat dead:

Hoax school shooting of the week:

Arnold dropkicked in South Africa:

Woman pushes man old man out of Las Vegas bus, killing him: https://youtu.be/MhdqMOldAMw

Mall of America child tosser gets 19 years in prison:

Barr appoints prosecutor to examine Russia probe origins:

Barr trolls Pelosi:

New abortion laws summary:

Toobin declares Roe dead:

Cory Booker calls abortion laws an assault on human rights:

Kirsten Gillibrand says abortion a constitutional right:

Other Democrats say abortion is a constitutional right:

Joy Behar says men should be forced to get vasectomies:

Leslie Jones on Alabama’s abortion ban:

Abortion polling from Gallup:

UNC girl steals pro-life sign, gets arrested:

Alabama abortion assault: http://dlvr.it/R4njGD

Soph’s ‘Be Not Afraid’ on BitChute:

Video removed for violating ‘hate speech’ policy:

Buzzfeed’s hitpiece on Soph:

Buzzfeed author calls for killing of white men:

Soph investigated by police:

Soph on Alex Jones’ show:

Soph’s channel statistics:

DeBlasio protest while announcing presidential run:

Trump responds to De Blasio:

Steve Bullock struggles to name accomplishments:

Biden embraces TDS:

SAT adversity score:

Tommy Robinson gets a milkshake thrown at him, a recent trend:

Burger King hints people should throw milkshakes and Farage, others:

Stripe bans Tommy Robinson’s accounts:

Batwoman trailer:

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