#154 | Colorado Shooting, Brian Sims No-Shows Pro-Life Rally, Shapiro v BBC

#154 | Colorado Shooting, Brian Sims No-Shows Pro-Life Rally, Shapiro v BBC | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

John Birch Society clip:

Malkin punished for promoting Loomer, Gavin:

Daily Caller article about Muslim children singing:

AOC v garbage disposal:

House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Barr in contempt after Trump invokes executive privilege on unredacted Mueller report:

Republican-chaired Senate Intel Committee subpoenas Don Jr.:

Summary of tariff increase against China:

China’s theft of intellectual property:

Info on shooting and motive: https://fxn.ws/2V7uYqs https://washex.am/2JGcXxD

Media lose interest:

Moms Demand Action speaker:

Bennett calls for gun control:

Students respond to politicized vigil:

Chris Cuomo responds to Colorado shooting:

Booker proposes national gun license:

Booker on CBS This Morning:

Brian Sims harasses old woman:

Brian Sims calls for doxxing of teenagers:

Brian Sims apologizes:

Abby Johnson’s tweet:

Pro-life rally at Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia:

Parents raise 100k for pro-life organization:

Another pro-choice assault:

Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike in response to Georgia law:

Shapiro rage quits BBC interview:

Ben apologizes:

Converse endorses Desmond:

Sports Illustrated diversity swimsuit issue:

Sports Illustrated obese model:

Sports Illustrated hijab model:

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