#151 | Mueller Report Spin, Notre Dame Fire, Why Don't You Pay More, Martha?

YouTuber and podcaster talking politics and culture from the refuge of a wilderness fortress

#151 | Mueller Report Spin, Notre Dame Fire, Why Don't You Pay More, Martha? | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

Sri Lanka attacks:

Guy drives through walmart on motorcycle:

No mags turned in to NJ police:

Searchable copy of the Mueller report:

John Solomon writes about obstruction at The Hill:

Toobin says sure looks like Trump obstructed:

Toobin says Mueller report is an ‘explicit invitation to impeach’:

Chris Cuomo says he’s not gonna let people say media created a false narrative, correspondent says ‘follow Mueller’s lead’:

Blumenthal says ‘far from the end’ of the scandal:

Nadler says there’s disturbing evidence:

Warren calling for impeachment:

John Dean says Mueller report worse than Watergate, Lewinsky, Iran Contra:

Swalwell calls on Barr to resign:

NBC News op-ed calls for Sanders to resign:

CNN says the report makes them look good:

Summary of all the fake news:

MSNBC reporter harasses Mueller:

Images of the Notre Dame fire:

Timeline of events:

Claims of cause:

International competition:

Attempted burning of St. Patrick’s cathedral:

Bernie asks Martha MacCallum why she doesn’t pay more:

Bernie says if you write a good book you can be a millionaire too:

AOC saves the world video:

Snopes debunks AOC meme:

Guy who threw kid at Mall of America did it over rejection from women:

CBS reports ‘Child who plunged’: http://bit.ly/2Vee2Tm

Updated to new headline:

Black guy beaten for wearing MAGA hat: http://bit.ly/2V9xrEX

Coast guard guy not charged with terrorism:

Kim Foxx texts revealed:

Kim Foxx aides leaving:

Jeremy Kappel suing:

Hate crimes charges for church burner in Louisiana:

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