#150 | Assange Arrested, Candace Owens v Ted Lieu, War for Clown World

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#150 | Assange Arrested, Candace Owens v Ted Lieu, War for Clown World | Beauty & the Beta

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Items referenced:

Daryle Lamont Jenkins in court:

Maxine Waters with bank executives:

History of the bill:

Maxine voted for it:

Swalwell announces on Colbert:

Announcement video:

Reparations polling data:

Chicago sues Jussie:

Assange arrest footage:

Assange in London jail:

Statement from Assange’s lawyer:

Assange indictment:

UK lawmakers urge Assange extradition to Sweden:

Assange’s father wants him sent back to Australia:

Assange basic questions explained:

Washington Post case against Assange:

Chicago Tribune opinion on Assange:

Hillary says Assange must be held accountable:

Maher says Assange turned:

Wikileaks has published on Russia:

History of Assange:


Candace Owens v Ted Lieu:

Lieu doubles down:

Newsweek’s tweet: http://bit.ly/2UTeJ4r (ted lieu retweeted)

Original report on Trump thinking of sending illegals to sanctuary cities:

Trump explains tweets about illegals to sanctuary cities.

Pelosi responds:

Democrats react:

Cher’s tweet:

Ilhan Omar’s comments and backlash:

Trump’s tweet responding to Omar:

AOC says it’s incitement to violence:

Democrats call Trump’s tweet incitement to violence:

Beto says it’s incitement to violence:

AOC tells Dan Crenshaw to do something about it:

Barr says there was spying:

Carter Page surveillance:

Papadopoulos cited in Page FISA warrant:

Papadopoulos lawyer denies surveillance:

Suspect caught in Louisiana church fires:

David Hogg says Trump supports the church fires:

Jared Holt’s article on Clowns:

Li’l Lunchbox the Clown Facebook video:

History of the conflict:

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

So much chaos in the world today.