#149 | Touchy Biden, Lesbian Cliff Divers Case Closed, MAGA Pirate Arrested

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Lumberjack hit in the nuts:

Free McDonald’s:

Happy Equal Pay Day tweet:

Gillette’s tweet:

Ben and Jerry’s tweet:

Democrats resurface same old MS13 ‘animals’ lie about Trump:

Kirstjen Nielsen is out as Homeland Security Secretary

Biden accuser tally:

Biden responds:

Biden jokes about touching kids:

Lucy Flores quotes about Biden’s jokes:

Trump trolls Biden:

Update on the cliff divers:

Jury finds murder-suicide:

MAGA pirate arrested:

AOC’s accent at the National Action Network conference:

AOC defends accent:

De Blasio says money is in the wrong hands:

Beto agrees to reparations:

Hickenlooper agrees to reparations:

Zuckerberg calls for government regulation:

Australia to punish internet companies for hosting violent content:

Chicago to sue Jussie:

New Chicago mayor vows to investigate Jussie case:

Police union protests:

Kim Foxx press conference:

Kim Foxx believes Smollett guilty:

Congressman Bobby Rush says the police union is the ‘sworn enemy of black people’:

Activist speaking at Kim Foxx press conference says Chicago police union looks like the ‘Blue Klux Klan’:

Kim Foxx says racists are targeting her:

Arrested in Oklahoma suspected hoax hate case:

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

It just goes to show that the world can get pretty crazy.

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Jon Saltzman
EditorJon Saltzman
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Jon Saltzman
EditorJon Saltzman
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