Verizon #CaliforniaWildfires Shenanigans and #Hawaii Disaster Capitalism

Verizon #CaliforniaWildfires Shenanigans and #Hawaii Disaster Capitalism

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Psalm 23:1

The Santa Clara County Fire Department has been here before. At a hearing before the California State Assembly on Friday, Fire Chief Tony Bowden said Verizon had throttled data for firefighters twice before a recent event in which the network operator slowed data speeds for first responders at the Mendocino Complex fire.

"We've had three instances with this specific unit of identified throttling," Bowden said. He added that it's not uncommon for firefighters to switch between phones to contact their families, based on their ability to access data.

Verizon drew widespread criticism for throttling data for first responders fighting the huge Mendocino fire. The revelations emerged from a court filing this week. Verizon said the incident was the result of a customer service error.

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