Top 5 Agenda Free Weekly News Update

The Top 5 consists of the top five things happening right now in politics.

1 BIG THING: Google Gets Trumped

In a series of tweets, U.S. President Donald Trump alleged that 96% of Google search results for "Trump news" are rigged against him. He accused the search engine giant of highlighting the stories from "from national left-wing media" and shutting out Republican or "fair media." Google refuted Trump's bias claims. Meanwhile, Trump went on start his #StoptheBias campaign on Twitter.

2 Trump Hits the Media

At a rally in Indiana, which was held to support Republican Senate nominee Mike Braun, a protester had to be escorted out. Trump said news outlets would probably blow it out of proportion. "One person. 'Major protest.' But are they going to talk about the thousands and thousands of people inside of this arena, and outside the arena where we put screens? No," he said. He alleged that many reporters were "dishonest, terrible people."

3 Farewell to John McCain

The death of Republican senator John McCain, who succumbed to brain cancer at 81, gave way to tributes and controversy. McCain, who was known to be at odds with Trump, was hailed as a hero and a patriot. Trump's reaction to his passing, though, baffled a lot of people. A Vietnam War vet, McCain gained fame for refusing to be released until his fellow prisoners were also free. McCain later ran for President but lost to Barack Obama. 

4 Harvard in Hot Water

In 2014, Harvard University was sued by the group Students for Fair Admissions for allegedly being "biased against Asian-Americans." Now, the Department of Justice is backing the group's claim because Harvard supposedly "failed to show that it does not unlawfully discriminate against Asian Americans." Harvard has denied these allegations. The trial is set to start in mid-October.

5 A Slice of Blame

In the wake of the shooting at a Madden 19 tournament held at Chicago Pizza's gaming room in Jacksonville, Florida where David Katz opened fire and killed two people the city's Fire Marshal has caused a controversy. In a statement, it implied that Chicago Pizza is to blame because it had an "un-permitted gaming room" where the video game tilt was held. Katz reportedly snapped because he lost. Pundits blasted the Fire Marshal for its statement.