Top 5 Agenda Free Weekly News Update

Poli Storm


After months of grueling trials and televised fanfare, Cohen, Donald Trumps personal attorney and fixer has pleaded guilty to eight federal counts on tax evasion, falsifying bank submissions, and two counts of unlawful campaign contributions to pay two women (Stormy and Karen) to influence elections. Trump denies allegations and claims money came from him, not campaign funds.

2 Manafort Convicted

Paul Manafort, Trumps campaign manager in 2016 was convicted on 8 out of 18 counts of tax fraud cases. 10 of them were mistrials. He faces a maximum 80 years in prison. He will also face trial in the District of Columbia next month for money laundering charges.

3 Trumps FNC Interview

After two big verdicts dropping in a day for former Trump confidantes Manafort and Cohen, President Trump granted Fox News an exclusive interview to clarify his official position. He disses Cohens flipping just to lower his jail time. He praises Manafort for going through the trial faithfully while calling all charges unrelated to his 2016 campaign.

4 Big Democrat Wins

Recent primaries in 3 different states saw wins full of firsts from diverse groups. One is a transgender woman in Vermont for Governor (Christine Hallquist), Muslim woman in Minnesota for House (Rashida Tlaib) and a black woman in Connecticut for House (Jahana Hayes). Should they win, they will all set records in each part of government theyll serve under first transgender governor, first Muslim congresswoman and first black woman to represent New England.

5 Church systemic abuse

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley launched probe, Thursday onto clergy sex crimes within the Roman Catholic Church. This in reaction to protests for statewide probe. The Catholic Church is plagued with numerous other abuse cases around the world from Pennsylvania to Chile, and Australia. Pope Francis supports zero-tolerance policy while asking for forgiveness from victims who suffered.