Our Politicians have sold us down the road to corporations once again.

Our bought and sold politicians love the fact that Americans are like dogs, one squirrel will make us forget about anyth

The rich are getting far richer and we are getting far poorer faster then ever imagined. All because we have no choice, we were sold down the river by greed.

That is because there is only one party in America, the corporate elite, and that party does not represent us. Now with Citizen United we are just indentured servants with no way out. We have no choice; we have the choice only the Corporations provide. Clearly fascism is alive and well in America.

Our bought and sold politicians love the fact that Americans are like dogs, one squirrel will make us forget about anything and the corporations/1% seem to know when to release the squirrels.

When the fair Doctrine act was destroyed by Reagan a piece of the American Dream was taken away from every American and America. When communication no longer required both sides of a story be shown the discourse shifted from ‘fair and balanced’ to ‘good and bad’. We created the one way propaganda we see today.

To think that Americans have been led that they are so different from their countrymen based upon a political belief is laughable to the rational man. Yet here we sit with American’s convinced within a shadow of a doubt that their neighbor shares more with Communist Russia than themselves. While we continue to fight amongst ourselves divided the corporate elite continue to influence our elected officials and create policy that only serves themselves.

Unions were the back bone for giving the middle class a real living and a future for their children. However the strength of the Unions in this country continue to suffer based upon foolish party politics as usual. You cannot make up how predictable our politicians are, but looking at this example you can replace “Unions” with any other social issue and the results would be the same. Republicans almost always creating laws to adversely affect unions and the Democrats lacking a backbone that voted for every law destroying the protections the unions gave to the working class.

Eventually both parties were bought off with the most bold faced lie yet, that these multi-billion dollar companies could not afford to compete with the global economy without some concessions. Because of the EPA that Nixon enacted, the corporations would be held responsible for polluting America from the factories here, so they stopped investing in the factories and technology here and blamed the Unions for driving up the cost of products. It was easier to open up factories in third world countries, pollute and kill their citizens rather then stay here and kill Americans and all the while putting the blame on the workers and the unions. They cited having to compete against a Global Economy, all at the expense of the American worker. Brought in products made in third world countries and sold them very cheap, but at a huge profit, because they lowered the import tax it was profitable (I’ll give Trump credit here for sort of trying to stop that, by putting a tariff or tax on all others except his and his daughters companies) And the dumb ass Americans went against the Unions (even Union members) bought the products from Wal-Mart at their own demises Corporations did not have to buy all the politicians; they just had to buy enough to pass their killing of the American middle class policies and the Republican agenda prospered.

Clinton that dip shit, a so-called Democrat was actually one of the best Republicans ever when it comes to ruining the Middle class. Did he care about America? Hell NO! When he passed NAFTA or gutted the Glass Stiegel act. He killed any chance of getting a well paying job in manufacturing in

We need to compete in the Global Economy…(Squirrel.) (Crickets) (Nuts)

The 1 per centers/Wall Street and Corporations are job creators in other countries and do not care about America, but will hide behind the Flag every time (Squirrel)

Getting rid of Glass Stiegel was Wall St. and Corporations railing against regulations and they got their way.The Stock Market crash was the result. No Dem or Repub working class person did well and many lost every thing, but not those who caused it. “Giving loans to people who could not afford it”… that’s what it was.(Squirrel)

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How are you going to make use of your voting powers this November then? Stop voting blue or red if there are satisfactory options in third parties

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