Major Cities Now Recycling Sewage Water to Drink #IoT #SmartCities

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With our lake levels at 100%, our water treatment pipe is currently off and I hope off for good. Things aren't so great to the west of us and recycled water could be the answer.

We all remember when Wichita Falls was going through a major drought and we began recycling our sewage water into drinking water. Our city made national news and became a joke to some late night comedians. We had quite the rainfall in recent years meaning, we no longer need that pipe running.

El Paso is now having to turn to this same type of treatment for their water. Water levels were so low in the city at one point, the local newspaper put up the names of the high water users. Hoping this would shame them into using less water. They also had Willie the Water Drop to teach kids about water conservation. It probably helped for a little bit. Due to an increase in temperatures in the area and lack of rainfall, another change is needed.

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