By Ryan W. Miller, USA Today

A San Francisco Bay Area chef doesn't want to serve anyone at his restaurant wearing the President Donald Trump-inspired "Make America Great Again" hats.

In a since-deleted tweet, J. Kenji López-Alt said, "It hasn’t happened yet, but if you come to my restaurant wearing a MAGA cap, you aren’t getting served, same as if you come in wearing a swastika, white hood, or any other symbol of intolerance and hate."

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the tweet from Sunday had more than 2,000 likes by Wednesday afternoon.

In another apparently deleted tweet from Sunday, López-Alt said, "MAGA hats are like white hoods except stupider because you can see exactly who is wearing them," per the Chronicle.

Other tweets replying to users remained on López-Alt's profile on Thursday. "If you’re comfortable sitting next to a MAGA wearer I’m probably not interested in serving you either," the chef said.

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

It's his restaurant...but did he really have to tweet what he was thinking?