Poli Storm

With politics and society increasingly divided, only 47 percent of US citizens polled say they’re "extremely proud" to be Americans, the lowest number ever. The number of Republicans with this extreme pride is at a five-year high. A new annual survey by Gallup, released on Monday, has highlighted widening political divide between Republicans and conservatives, on one side, and Democrats and liberals, on the other.

Only 32 percent of Democrats, and just 23 percent of political liberals have said that they are "extremely proud" to be Americans. This figure represents a sharp decline from last year, when 43 percent of Democrats considered themselves to be "extremely proud" of their nationality.

At the same time, while the percentage of "extremely proud" Democrats has continued to plummet since 2013, these numbers among the GOP supporters have risen for the third year in a row, reaching an impressive 74 percent this year, the highest overall over the last five years. Among the conservatives the number is almost as high, reaching 65 percent.

However, the strong patriotic feelings voiced by the Republican respondents did not make up for the lack of those among the Democratic Party supporters, who took part in the Gallup poll, which was conducted between June 1- 13.

Overall, only 47 percent, the lowest number ever recorded during the 18-year history of this measurement, have said they are "extremely proud" to call themselves Americans.

While Gallup points out that the upcoming 4th of July "marks a low point in US patriotism," the statistics, while quite damning on the surface, does not mean that the majority of Americans no longer cherish their country – it is the extent that matters.