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This Republican Is Running Against Donald Trump. Is Anybody Listening?

By M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO

MANCHESTER, N.H.— Bill Weld leans back in a chair, hand on his hip, and talks about the Republican Party like someone who’s been away for a while and is trying to get used to all the new development. “I know a lot of the Republicans in Washington, and they’re good people,” says the sandy-haired, ruddy-faced primary challenger to President Trump. “They’re just cowed by this president somehow.”

This was three days into his long-shot bid for president, and the former Massachusetts governor is talking in a Hilton Garden Inn lounge that looks out on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats’ minor league baseball field. On his campaign’s opening day, Weld declared he’d chase Trump as ferociously as a fisher cat, the weasel-like native of New Hampshire known for eating porcupines. But the president seems not to have noticed he has an angry 73-year-old on his tail, at least not one from his own party; Trump hasn’t aimed so much as a tweet at his erstwhile opponent or bothered to taunt him with a nickname. Weld, however, is basically screaming at the TV. He’s worked up over a news report that Trump aides fear the president’s “wrath” because they talked to special counsel Robert Mueller.

“That’s what we want in the office?” asks Weld. “Somebody so mercurial that everyone knows he can blow a gasket? That’s not really what we want in the Oval Office. And I suppose that’s an argument I would make, even to a Republican.”

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

If he has good intentions, then he should be considered. However, respectful consideration won't guarantee any kind of victory.