By Michael Moons, Breitbart

President Donald Trump trolled CNN’s Jim Acosta Thursday for a tweet that provided evidence that border “walls work.”

“Dear Diary…” Trump wrote, quoting Acosta’s tweet about a steel barrier and the safe community on the other side of the border slat wall.

The Acosta tweet Trump referenced showed the CNN White House Correspondent at the border pointing to where the steel slats gave way to chain link fencing and talking about the safe neighborhood on the U.S. side of the border. As he stood by the chain link fencing, he said people do see migrants come over the border there.

Acosta tweeted video of himself at a steel slat border wall Thursday morning, stating that there was no national emergency there. The remarks sent social media abuzz pointing to the success of a barrier making an area safe.

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The Happy Hamster
The Happy Hamster

Sometimes Acosta seems to just want to put himself in the hot seat.